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Ampoules, Oral Hyaluronic Acid & Butt Acne: Spate's New Beauty Trends

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Spate released data trends including skin care capsules, butt acne and ingestible face serums.

Spate has released new data on current beauty trends in the United States, from body acne to popular serums and will be presenting emerging pandemic trends at the Beauty Accelerate. 

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As face serums become more and more accessible and popular to consumers, intrigue has continued to rise. There has been a 35.6% growth in interest for ampoules, or capsules that hold skin care products. 

Although there is a growth and an average of 3,000 searches every month, consumer awareness is 32 times smaller in search volume than skin care fridges. 

Another skin care trend has been hyaluronic acid, but now consumers are showing interest in oral ingestion with 33.2% increase year-on-year growth for hyaluronic acid supplements. Monthly, there are more than 1,000 searches for oral hyaluronic acid in the United States. 

Consumers are finding themselves not only with maskne, but with butt acne as well. On average there are 42,000 searches for butt acne in the United States with more than 7,000 searches for butt masks. Top brands related to the search include Bawdy and Yes To.