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Google Reveals Top Searched Beauty Trends of 2019

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The top 10 beauty search trends of 2019 have revealed people are relying on Google to learn "how to apply" their products.

Google has revealed the top 10 beauty search trends of 2019 and each item on the list asks the search engine “how to apply [insert beauty product here].” The top trending beauty searches are different from the search engine’s most Googled terms.

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  1. How to apply Color Street nails
  2. How to apply fake lashes
  3. How to apply blush
  4. How to apply toner
  5. How to apply liquid foundation
  6. How to apply individual lashes
  7. How to apply coconut oil to hair
  8. How to apply self-tanner
  9. How to apply mascara
  10. How to apply primer