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5 Online Skin Care Search Trends

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When scouring the internet for skin care products, consumers are searching for ingredients, rather than searching by skin condition. 

Cosmetify has released data on online search terms among skin care shoppers, which shines a light on sought-after product trends and ingredients. 

5 Online Skin Care Search Trends

  1. Searches for "vegan skin care" and "organic skin care" are low. According to Cosmetify, the former has only 1,000 searches a month worldwide while the latter has 3,800 searches a month worldwide. 
  2. Searches for specific ingredients are much higher. One trending ingredient during February 2020 was tretinoin. Worldwide searches for this term reached 110,000 searches a month worldwide. Panthenol was another popular search worldwide with 68,000. According to Cosmetify, 11,000 of these searches were from Germany. 
  3. Transparency is the catalyst for the increase in ingredient searches. The Cosmetify Beauty Team said, "As the demand for transparency in beauty increases, it comes as no surprise that consumers are actively searching out what ingredients go into their products and where they’re sourced. We have already seen the likes of retinol, bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid become popular ingredient trends within the industry, proving that customers are getting savvier with each and every purchase."
  4. Consumers do not search for products based on skin condition. The term "acne cream" garnered 2,700 searches worldwide while the term "anti-aging cream" garnered 570 searches worldwide. 
  5. According to Cosmetify, "With the internet allowing people to research themselves, they do not necessarily rely on in-store experts. People are doing their own research and knowing exactly want they want before making a purchase."

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