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Michelle Phillips Makes an 'Impression' on Day 1 at Face & Body Midwest

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Day 1 of Face & Body Midwest

Silence. That is how the Face & Body Midwest 2017 keynote presentation started. Michelle Phillips stood in seven seconds of silence, stressing the importance of how this is the amount of time is all it takes to make a first impression.

During her engaging presentation, she talked to estheticians and beauty professionals about the need to have inner beauty as well as outer beauty. Additionally, Phillips spoke about how you need to find peace and purpose in your work in order to live a happy life.

“Every thought we think, every word we speak, creates our experience.” —Michelle Phillips

Starting Out

Face & Body Midwest

Michelle Phillips started her own career at the age of 26 doing TV makeup for CBS, where she was in charge of making TV anchors look confident, knowledgeable and trustworthy. From there, her career started to grow, and she began to work for other networks, celebrities and politicians, such as Mitt Romney, Sigourney Weaver, Katie Couric and Clint Eastwood.

Going Where the Energy Flows

After 14 years working at CBS, she was let go because of changing television demands and a slowing economy. From there, she began to question her career path and began to wonder where she wanted to go next.

It wasn't until she attended a conference, where a life coach asked her the simple question, “What do you like to do” that she began to think about how to change her life. Instead of listing all the responsibilities to her family that she had, she began to think about what made her happy and what she wanted to do.

Changing With the Times

“Change is inevitable,” Phillips explained. “It is inevitable. You can either fight it or not.”

Phillips changed her own life and embraced what made her happy by writing a book. Being inspired by wellness experts Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, she penned “The Beauty Professional,” where she shares her message of confidence and empowerment. She stresses the need to start each day on a right foot, to edit out all negative thoughts, to list personal accomplishments and recognize positive personal traits; physical and mental.

Promoting the Positives

During the presentation, Phillips asked attendees to write down 10 positive aspects about themselves. She then invited friends to come up to the stage and first share some wonderful traits about their friends, which was easy to do. However, when they had to share some positives about themselves, it proved to be more difficult. Phillips encouraged each of us to speak to ourselves as if we were our own best friend or our child.


Phillips also encouraged attendees to share how their lives had changed recently, and what they were proud of. One attendee had confided that she was afraid of public speaking, although she had raised her hand to share. 


“Every thought we think, every word we speak creates our experience,” said Phillips, stressing that we are in charge of our happiness.