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Essences Explained

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A new product category has emerged in the United States—essences. This has many of us in the professional and developmental side of the business answering questions about what they are, how to use them and do they actually work?

Skin Care Optimization

There are many essence products on the market now, due to the influence of Korean and Japanese skin care on the U.S. market. They come in a variety of forms including water-thin liquids, fast-breaking emulsions or gels and light lotions.

Essences are facial treatments that when applied to the skin provide a specific benefit that helps to prepare the skin for the next layer of your regimen like serums or creams.

The benefit of essences is that they can optimize the effectiveness of skin care products if used properly.

Robert Manzo, president of Skinprint, has over 25 years of clinical research and development in skin care and cosmetic chemistry. Manzo holds 15 patents in a variety of disciplines and is both an author and industry speaker.

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