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Finally, A Chemical Peel for ALL Skin Types

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Finally, a Chemical Peel for ALL Skin Types

DermaMed Solutions’ Refine & Clear Protocol kit provides results for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Dark skin types, specifically Fitzpatrick types IV – VI have proven to be a challenge for skin care professionals due to an increased risk of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. The Refine & Clear protocol combines seven products including an alpha & beta hydroxy acid cleanser, 30% chemical peel with neutralizer, purifying mineral mask, treatment serum, moisturizer and mineral sunscreen SPF30.  

The protocol kit features mandelic acid in both the chemical peel and treatment serum. Mandelic’s large molecule size effectively exfoliates the skin with less irritation and inflammation; making it the perfect choice for dark and sensitive skin types prone to inflammation.  Its molecular size and oil solubility allow for a slow and gentle penetration while anti-bacterial properties manage breakouts. The purifying mineral mask is applied immediately after neutralizing the peel or after an optional microdermabrasion add-in. Moroccan Lava clay and Kaolin blend to create a detoxifying mask that delivers minerals deep into the skin. 

Together these products increase cell turnover, promote the release of comedones and reduce sebum production creating a brighter, smoother complexion without irritation.

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