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Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Time Resist + Free Protocol Guide

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Because the skin’s needs differ from day into night, the new TIME RESIST Duo, packaged in a second generation airless jar, comes in both a day and nighttime formula. TIME RESIST is the latest innovation of the YON-KA Paris AGE CORRECTION category, which targets the in-depth causes of aging due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Formulated with a base of Saponaria Pumila plant-based stem cells, YOUTH ENERGY lipo amino acid and wakame extract, this complex releases proteins that cocoon the dermal stem cells. It also controls pre-inflammatory cytokines and the oxidative stress associated with inflamm-aging. 

Exclusive to the day time formula are hyaluronic acid-filled liposomes capable of producing a superior wrinkle-filling and smoothing action. The nighttime formula is enriched with Euglena Gracilis, which boosts the cells’ energy currency, ATP, while Persian Silk Tree detoxifies glycated proteins from the tissues. 

Clinical test results after 28 days of using the TIME RESIST Duo reduced wrinkles by -75% and the skin appeared firmer and more supple and elastic.

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