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Psoriasis Patients Have Increased Risk for Other Serious Medical Conditions
Psoriasis research Patients with mild, moderate and severe psoriasis had increasingly higher odds of having at least one major medical disease in addition to psoriasis, when compared to patients without psoriasis.
The Health Benefits of Meditation
Meditation Studies have shown that meditation can not only reduce your daily stress, but it can also help improve your skin, reduce blood pressure and enhance your immune system.
Researchers Identify Molecule Causing Sunburn Pain
Sunburn pain molecule A team of researchers from Duke University, Rockefeller University and the University of California San Francisco have identified the gene that causes pain in sunburned skin.

Treating Clients with Scleroderma; Esthetician's Rosacea Guide—Part II

When Your Client Has Scleroderma—What Every Esthetician Should Know
Scleroderma By: Patricia Baker
The relationship you have with your clients can lead to an earlier diagnosis of this disease.
Rosacea for the Esthetician: A Comprehensive Guide—Part II
Facial distribution of rosacea By: Cynthia Bailey, MD
Give rosacea clients the right advice and you will have a loyal customer and big fan who will help lead you to success.

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