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Skin Care Industry Loses Sheldon Pinnel: A Father of Topical Antioxidants
Sheldon Pinnell, MD Sheldon Pinnell, MD, one of the founding fathers of topical antioxidants, leading scientist behind SkinCeuticals and chief emeritus of the division of dermatology at Duke University, dies at 76.
Cosmedix Co-Founder Bettylou McIntosh Passes Away
Bettylou McIntosh Bettylou McIntosh, the co-founder of CosMedix, lost her battle to the debilitating condition, ataxia, on Thursday June 13, 2013 at the age of 62.
Metrosexual Male Sees Rise in Russia
Metrosexual male The rise of the metrosexual male and blurring boundaries between female and male fragrances means that male fragrances will also likely grow ahead of other categories in Russia.

Register Today for Face & Body!; The Current State of Preservatives

The Current State of Preservatives
Preservatives By: Ahmed Abdullah, MD
Once straightforward and rarely questioned, preservatives have become mired in controversy in recent years.
Face & Body Northern California 2013: A Weekend of Infinite Possibilities!
Evening Out: Dinner Under the Stars By: Mary Richter
Learn about the various opportunities to not just attend, but also experience this year's show!

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