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This Week's Top Industry News

Monell-led Research Identifies Scent of Melanoma
Melanoma scent A nano-sensor was able to distinguish differences in volatile organic compounds--many of which are odorous--from normal and several different types of melanoma cells.
Medical Spas in Need of Regulation Across the Board
Medical spas United States' medical spas have continued to develop without set regulations.
Survey: Women Value Healthy Eating As Top Priority
Healthy eating Survey shows that healthy eating is a top priority over other aspects of women's lives.
Skin Inc. is Now on Pinterest and Twitter
Pinterest and Twitter Skin Inc. has launched our very first Pinterest account and relaunched our Twitter account!

10 Ways to Show Appreciation; Working Hand Treatments into Your Services

10 Ways to Make Clients (and Your Team) Feel Special
Customer service By: Deedee Crossett
Show appreciation and be of service to your clients and your team this month ... and every month!
The Hand Connection
By: Annet King
Treatment of the hands, wrists and arms is a deeply soothing and de-stressing practice that can be especially lucrative.

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