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Male-only Spa Treatments Offered for Father’s Day
Father's Day treatments International SPA Association (ISPA) members around the world are offering men’s only packages that are perfect for the man’s retreat.
Deadline Approaches for the Gerson Award for Excellence in Esthetic Education
"Gerson Award for Excellence in Esthetic Education" The deadline for the Gerson Award for Excellence in Esthetic Education is August 31, 2013.
Increase in Facial Surgery Related to Social Media Usage
Plastic surgery According to the according to a new survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) more and more people are turning to plastic surgery to get camera-ready.

The Future of Marine Skin Care; Choosing the Best Exfoliation Technique for Your Client

Marine Ingredients: The Future of Skin Care
Lamaria digitata By: Angela Eriksen-Stanley
By combining seaweeds' abilities to concentrate unique nutrients with aggressive research and development practices, marine skin care can successfully provide solutions for most skin concerns.
Are You Choosing the Right Exfoliation Method for your Client?
By: Terri Wojak
Several methods of exfoliation can be indicated for a particular concern or condition. How do you choose the right one?