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PBA Poll Shows Majority of General Voters Support the Licensing of Beauty Professionals
PBA Poll The PBA poll shows that the public believes that spa safety and quality is directly related to licensing.
Elements Therapeutic Massage and imassage Address Career Longevity for Massage Therapists
Massage therapists Elements Therapeutic Massage partners with imassage, Inc. to address career longevity for massage therapists.
Eye Treatments and Electrical Modalities
Eye treatments Electrical modalities may be combined with key ingredients for results-oriented treatments.

The Evolution of Sunscreen; Face the Challenges of Summer Treatments

Skin Care—Then and Now: Sunscreen
Then and Now: Sunscreen By: Ulrike Jacob
Sunscreen has been through a remarkable transformation in the past century.
Play It Safe With Summer Treatments
Summer treatments By: Rhonda Allison
Although the timing for rejuvenating summer treatments may prove ideal for clients, it may present some challenges for the skin.

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