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Study Backs Safety of UV Lamps
are UV nail lamps safe? The Journal of Investigative Dermatology says UV lamps typically used for drying nail polish are safe and don't increase skin cancer risk.
Psorisis Patients Flock to Social Media for Support
psoriasis clients seek support in social media A recent National Psoriasis Foundation/Inspire study finds that lack of support from family and friends drives psoriasis patients to seek advice through social media.
Professional Nail Care Market Posts Strong 2012 Growth, Kline Reports
professional nail care The research firm says the category grew 25% globally in 2012, thanks to new product innovation. However, continuous competition from other classes of trade and other new business styles threaten the segment in most regions.

Skin Care: Then and Now--Regulation; The Truth Behind BB Creams

BB Creams: Beauty Balms, Blemish Base or Just Brilliant Beauty?
The ingredients in BB creams By: Sam Dhatt
The effectiveness of BB creams, like other products, lies in their ingredients.
Skin Care—Then and Now: Product and Professional Regulations
Skin Care Product and Professional Regulation By: Myra Y. Irizarry
Trace the path of product and professional regulation to its current state, and make a commitment to play a part in the future of the industry.

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