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November 2017

Table of Contents:

Digital Exclusives/​Features

Let’s Get Frank About Frankincense

Kim Manley, KM Herbals

Spa Business Articles

Reflections: Got The Fever?

Katie Anderson

Ask the Esthy: How can I keep others quiet during my treatments?

Lori Crete, Licensed Esthetician, Owner of Spa 10 and President/Founder of The Esthetician Mentor

Top 10 Spa Trends for 2018

Katie Anderson

8 East-to-West Beauty Trends To Watch Out For

Janel Luu, Le Mieux and PurErb

Stories of Success… with Monika Machej

Lisa Schryver

#10Things to Be Thankful for This Season

Deedee Crossett, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

Choosing Substance Over Flash: Adding Treatments to Your Spa

Ann Brown, Saltability

Skin Science Articles

Jar Deconstructed: Turmeric

Jennifer Novoseletsky and Katie Anderson

Treatments Articles

Ayurveda Care for Cancer

Morag Currin, Oncology Esthetics

Sectional Peeling: The Secret Sauce to Personalization

Robert Manzo, Skinprint

The A-Peel of Desquamation

Ivana S. Veljkovic, Ph.D.