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Skin Inc. December 2012 cover

December 2012

The Top 10 Trends Shaping Today's Professional Skin Care Industry

A Fresh Approach to Healthy Aging

Compensation: Start the Year Off Right!

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Skin Inc. October 2012 magazine cover

October 2012

A Holistic Approach to Health

Make Your Spa Disability-friendly

Special Section: Breast Cancer Awareness

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September 2012 Skin Inc. cover

September 2012

The Psyche of the Male Client

Colors of Fall

Male Waxing is Big Business

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August 2012 Skin Inc. cover

August 2012

Do Your Clients Want a Better Body? Try Peels!

Sunscreen Labels: What You Need to Know

Rethink Retinoids

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July 2012 Skin Inc. cover

July 2012

Skin Care Passport: Thalaspa, Kenya

Decoding Skin Diseases

Step Up to Therapeutic Pedicures

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June 2012 Skin Inc. magazine cover

June 2012

Is Your Spa Going Global?

Getting to the Root of Scalp Massage

Spas Unite! Working Together For Success

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Skin Inc. April 2012 Cover

April 2012

Get Results With Facial Massage

Invest in Customized Aromatherapy

Make a Plan for Profitability

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March 2012 Skin Inc. magazine cover

March 2012

Marketing Spring Colors

Understanding Aging

Caring for Cancer Clients

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February 2012 cover of Skin Inc. magazine

February 2012

Hair Removal: Going Beyond the Blade

Answer Clients' Questions About Controversial Ingredients

Today's Acne Treatments

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Skin Inc. January 2012 cover

January 2012

The Science Behind Ingredients

The Scalp's Spot in Skin Care

Be a Medical Asset With MLD

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