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January 2010

Table of Contents:

Spa Business Articles

Body Sense Day Spa Photos

The Main Event Venue Pics

Spa Building Advice From Nikki Oden, Owner, Living Eleven

Cathy Christensen

Welcome, 2010

Melinda Taschetta-Millane

Shaping Your Spa Program

Mindy Terry

Marketing: A Top 10 List

Carol and Rob Trow

Bringing Up Poland

Felicia Brown

The Main Event

Cathy Christensen

Body Sense Day Spa

Abby Penning

Driven and Passionate

Abby Penning

Treatments Articles

A Spoonful of Sugar

Cathy Christensen

The Expert's Guide to Buying Laser Equipment

Louis Silberman

Getting the Facts Straight

Mark Lees, PhD