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September 2008

Table of Contents:

Spa Business Articles

The Best of the Best

Melinda Taschetta-Millane

Have You Visited Lately?

Annette Delagrange

Engaging in Productive Discomfort

Jane Wurwand

Bringing Art to Esthetics

Victoria L. Rayner

State of the Cosmetic Industry, Part 1

Rachel L. Chapman

Avanti Day Resort

Emily Keats

School President Guides the Future of the Industry

Emily Keats

Skin Science Articles

The Practical Use of Topical Oxygen

Peter T. Pugliese, MD

Treatments Articles

Tuning into Intuition

Scott Goyette

More From "Trends in Aesthetic Medicine"

Sharon McQuillan, MD

A Hot Little Number

Cathy Christensen

Trends in Aesthetic Medicine

Sharon McQuillan, MD

Derm Devices

Leslie Benson