Inclusive Spaces, Calming Decor and More Top Wellness Design Trends

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We asked if you are interested in spa design/decor tips and trends, and 93% of you said yes! Whether you're looking to make your design more inclusive, create a calming atmosphere, connect to Mother Nature and more, these top design tips and ideas will help take your spa spaces to the next level.

Spa Design for Function and ROI: "Today, it is more important than ever to create a spa that is not only beautiful, noteworthy and profitable, but functional as well. Proper function helps to create exceptional customer service, makes guests feel relaxed, keeps staff satisfied and contributes to the bottom line through repeat business, word of mouth advertising and upselling capabilities."

4 Wellness Design Trends for Spa Spaces: Also called "wellness architecture," wellness design essentially boils down to physical spaces created with good health in mind. Even more, wellness design aims to positively impact the well-being of everyone who enters. 

The 5 Principles of Inclusive Spa Design: "The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) states that inclusive design is about making places that everyone can use, removing the barriers that create undue effort and separation. It enables everyone to participate equally, confidently and independently in everyday activities."

Design and Decor Tips for a Calming Spa Environment: "While creating the new design for Woodhouse Spas, guests’ mood and well-being was something we couldn’t ignore. The guest journey identified the proper layout to not only maximize the spa space but to identify the design elements needed that focuses on the well-being of guests and spa professionals through color, lighting, sound and texture."

4 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Spa: GSN Planet's "Sustainability by Design" panel of experts discussed the ways in which spas can use their design and decor to connect guests to nature. The panel covered a wealth of topics, from natural materials to incorporating "bad" weather into wellness programs and more. 

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