Introducing the Vibrating Sonic Care Cleansing Brush!! Take your skin to a whole different level + Win a Free Cleansing Brush!!



  • Five-frequency variable speed gently exfoliates by using pulsating technology.
  • This vibrating technology dislodges embedded debris.
  • Lower speeds are designed to help alleviate tired, puffy, and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Medium-frequency pulsations focus on wrinkle-prone areas, de-stressing expression lines, and helps to brighten skin. 


Introducing Dirty Lash, the first lash extension cleanser in a mascara wand tube that protects and untangles lashes to keep them looking naturally fluffy.

This convenient and easy-to-use oil-free formula eliminates the protein build up that naturally occurs on the lashes as well as cleans away the sweat and bacteria along the lash line. Gently spool or twirl the lashes with your Dirty Lash wand to remove any debris. Using in the morning will help untangle and straighten overlapping lashes from side sleeping positions.


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