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Keynote Speakers Bring Brains and Beauty to the Midwest

We are bringing beauty and brains to Face & Body Midwest for 2019 with our keynote speakers Lori Crete and Anna Dolce. Both women have years of experience helping small business and spa professionals succeed, and now they're sharing their top tips.

Face & Body and Bronner Bros. Partner for Mega Beauty Show

Face & Body and Bronner Bros. are partnering to host their Atlanta events together in 2020 to create the ultimate spa/salon show for attendees.

THEN & NOW: The Original Face & Body

The first Face & Body Spa Expo & Conference debuted in June 6, 1992, and back then it was considered a seminar and exhibition. Since then though, it has grown and improved in countless ways.

Label Lingo: Build Clients' Trust with a Better Understanding of Product Labels

Clients may know what a product is meant to do for their skin, but it is up to the esthetician to give insights into that product and its ingredients.

4 Ways to Help Clients Dealing with Hormonal Acne

The different types of hormonal acne that can be helped are hormonal imbalance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, drug-induced (marijuana, thyroid meds) and pregnancy, while teenage boy acne, menstrual acne and menopausal acne can actually be treated.

3 Tips for Dealing with Clients with Self-image Issues

Sandra Dubose, who has alopecia areata, shared the story of her life and struggles and offered advice to those working in the salon and spa industries on dealing with clients struggling with self-image issues.

The Esthetician's Guide to Outstanding Esthetics

What steps are you willing to take to bring your esthetic journey to the next level? Becky Kuehn, Mary Nielsen, Melinda McHenry and Maxine Drake discuss their career-changing experiences and how they can impact you.

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