Advanced Lightening Techniques for Pigmentation Disorders

Dec 3rd, 2018
Dec 3rd, 2018
Des Plaines ,Il
North America
Pigmentation disorders, specifically melasma and chloasma affect almost exclusively women. As a result, hyperpigmentation is a growing client concern. In addition to hormonal discolorations, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is another difficult condition to treat. The Fitzpatrick Scale will also be reviewed to ensure proper assessment and treatment of clients, with an emphasis on correctly treating Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4, 5 and 6. In this class, you will learn: the physiological formations of hormonal skin discolorations and post-inflammatory skin conditions, advanced skin physiology with an emphasis on melanocyte formation, a review of the endocrine system highlighting hormones that affect pigmentation disorders a review of the Fitzpatrick Scale as applied to advanced lightening treatments for ethnic skin, structural differences in various hyperpigmentation disorders, inflammatory contributors of the condition, ingredients, treatments and modalities used for treatments and concerns, contraindications and side effects as applied to darker skin tones.