Advancement in Cosmetic Ingredients for Skin Care

Sep 10th, 2018
Sep 10th, 2018
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An integral approach to skin care requires deep knowledge of the physiological basis for skin aging. It also involves the combination of multiple actives at sufficient concentrations in a stable formula. An active ingredient is responsible for producing the desired effect of a mixture of ingredients and for giving the product its main characteristic. They may be proteins, vitamins, botanical extracts etc. The active ingredient is not necessarily the most common ingredient in a product. As one might imagine, when combining such an array of materials, several considerations must be taken into account. For instance, for every INCI name, there are several options available on the market and they are not the same. In this class, the professional will learn to recognize formulas that contain various classes of ingredients including: Solvents; Surfactants; Emolients-Conditioning ingredients; Preservatives; Adjusting agents (texture & body); Active ingredients; Fragrances and Color.