Learning the Diversity of using a Multifunction Device

Aug 8th, 2018
Aug 8th, 2018
22600 Ventura Blvd #103, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
North America
When you think your multi-function is a tool for debutante esthetician, Think again! It is a great asset for professionals with a 17, 14 or even 7 functions design. These gems are providing the clients with unlimited treatment's options for improving their skin and access to building a loyal clientele. It all starts with a base to build upon to achieve great success. Learn treatment designs to multiply the effects and the results with best combination strategy with steam and rotary brushing, benefits of galvanic, Iontophoresis, high-frequency, microcurrent and a supportive approach to Multi-layer skin rejuvenation including but not limited to Microdermabrasion, ultrasound and LED.
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