Diversified Treatments with Multifunction Devices

Jul 18th, 2018
Jul 18th, 2018
22600 Ventura Blvd #103, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
North America
The estheticians of today are starting their profession with the practice of basic skin care treatments using an eight, nine, 15 or 21 Multi-function device without having in-depth expertise of this multiple services. In this class, the professional will learn each of the functions of these devices and will practice the many different effects they can provide their client's skin and the descriptive narrative on how to introduce each entity. Treatments designs to multiply the effects and the results with best combination strategy with steam/rotary brushing; benefits of galvanic/ Iontophoresis/ high-frequency/ microcurrent and a supportive approach to multilayer skin rejuvenation including but not limited to microdermabrasion/ ultrasound/ LED.
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