Diversified Treatments with Multifunction Devices

Jul 25th, 2016
Jul 25th, 2016
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hen you think your Multi-function is a tool for debutante Esthetician, Think again! It is a great asset for professionals with a 17, 14 or even 7 functions design. These Gems are providing the clients with unlimited treatment's options for improving their skin and access to building a loyal clientele. It all start with a base to build upon to achieve great success. Morning study will emphasize: Treatments designs to Multiply the Effects and the Results Best combination strategy with Steam/Rotary Brushing Benefits of Galvanic/ Iontophoresis/ High-frequency/ Microcurrent Supportive approach to Multilayer skin rejuvenation including but not limited to Microdermabrasion/ Ultrasound/ LED.
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