Advanced Lightening Techniques for Pigmentation Disorders

Apr 18th, 2015
Apr 18th, 2015
Des Plaines, IL USA
7 CEUs live classroom + 3 hours at-home study The most lucrative estheticians are those that can stay current with client concerns. Hyperpigmentation, undoubtedly, is a growing client concern. This class will cover various common hyperpigmentation disorders, and the physiological skin changes that accompany them. Topics of discussion will also include: the latest technologies and modalities designed to successfully treat and diminish post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, solar lentigos, and melasma. The Fitzpatrick Scale will also be reviewed to ensure proper assessment and treatment of clients. You will learn: Advanced skin physiology Structural differences in various hyperpigmentation disorders, and inflammatory contributors of the condition Advances in products and techniques used for lightening of hyperpigmentation- including photofacials Post treatment care