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Tuning into Intuition

By: Scott Goyette
Posted: August 22, 2008, from the September 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

As a spa owner, manager or employee, you are constantly faced with the challenge of providing your clients with the latest and greatest opportunities to look and feel better. However, are you doing enough to keep yourself in top form? Wouldn’t it be great to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy and energized simply by further developing your intuitive self?

Well, if this is something you are looking for, there is good news. Developing your intuition is well within your reach. Like anything worth doing, it will take time and practice, but there is still even better news. Whether you know it or not, you are already practicing using intuition, simply because you have a brain and body that communicate with one another.

Before you begin to find your intuitive self, it’s important to realize that everyone possesses a different level of awareness, and the results you will gain can vary from person to person. Don’t become frustrated if you do not achieve the desired level of awareness as quickly as you would like. Tapping into your intuitive mindset is no different than learning to read or write—it takes time and commitment.

What exactly is intuition?

According to the breakdown of the Latin root word intueri, intuition is the act of uncovering teachings or deeper understanding from within. Essentially, it is insight that cannot be explained through the five traditional senses.

It is in this way that intuition has a definite effect on you and your life. The things you think and feel have a direct impact on your body, and there are a host of medical research studies indicating your thoughts and emotions can directly impact your physical well-being. As you’ve heard time and time again, negative thoughts can potentially cause serious health issues, and positive thoughts appear to create a brighter reality. In essence, being positive and staying in tune with your body are integral components of living a healthy life.

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