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Spa Music

By: Wilma Fernando
Posted: June 11, 2008, from the November 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Music for entertainment. When a person is in a listless or sad mood, music has the power to lift the spirits, changing the mind-set from negative to positive. When the sound of music enters the brain, it has the ability to reduce anxiety and pain, and becomes therapeutic and entertaining. It temporarily transports the listener to another reality during the healing process.

Music as medicine. Through music, the body and mind can feel healing vibrations. Research has shown that melodies in the higher register increase tension, whereas those in the lower register reduce it. When music is used medicinally, it helps to lessen pain and turns sadness, anger and grief into a more positive state. When feelings are painful, people tend to live in denial. Music helps them to confront these inner feelings and transform them into a healing process.

Music and acutonics. Acutonics refers to the sound of healing and involves every cell in the body acting as a sound resonator. Acutonics balances, builds, expands and releases energy in the body. It increasingly is finding a home in spas throughout the country. Each organ and system has an individual cycle, pulse and rhythmic pattern that exists in resonant harmony. Examples of acutonics include tuning forks and Tibetan bowls.

Music placement

Different areas of the spa require music enhancements to set an overall tone and design. These areas include the reception space, treatment rooms and outdoors.

Music in the reception area. Remember, the first thing clients hear when they arrive is music. It should welcome them into the reception area and fill the treatment rooms. It will set the mood of the environment and affect those within it. First impressions are important, so select the right kind of music to establish the proper tone that fits with your spa brand. If the reception area is discordant with the sound of moving furniture, shouting and loud chatter, the client’s spa experience will be affected negatively.