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A Holistic Blend: Pairing Esthetics and Acupuncture

By: Michelle O'Shaughnessy, DOM
Posted: May 30, 2008, from the June 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Also, have your new acupuncturists do some open houses to talk to your clients about the new treatments they will be offering. Acupuncturists should be practitioners who are self-motivated, personable, compassionate and able to easily explain how acupuncture works; they have the knowledge and training, so let them sell the services and answer any questions.

Also, on your promotional materials, show an esthetician working with the acupuncturist on a treatment such as an acupuncture face lift to create familiarity and comfort. Package those types of treatments together on your menu so people can easily partake in them, benefiting from the combination of esthetics and acupuncture. Keeping reading material and information on acupuncture in your waiting area and lobby is also a good way to help further educate clients.

The entire idea in offering these services is to have people become interested and want to experience them, so educating your clientele is vitally important. Let your clients know you’ve begun offering these excellent services, and then get your acupuncturist to sell the rest.

A blended family

Having the right person on board is one of the biggest keys when it comes to offering acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatments. Make sure you work together to get the greatest benefit you can out of the relationship, and work with your team members so they feel the same. With everyone onboard, the sky is the limit for your spa’s unique blend of esthetics, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and distinct care.