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Meditation Turns Down the Volume on Distracting Information--With Exclusive Commentary From Miraval's Spa Director on How to Bring Peace to Your Clients

Posted: April 29, 2011
Meditation at Miraval

Meditation at Miraval

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Simon Marxer, spa director of Miraval, tells how this award-winning destination spa helps clients turn down the volume of their lives, providing inspiration for your spa to do the same. asked Simon Marxer, spa director of award-winning and globally recognized destination spa Miraval in Tucson, Arizona, how this spa brings the peace of meditation to their clients. According to Marxer, this is done throughout their clients' experience, as well as at the beginning of each treatment. As you read how this is done, ask yourself how your skin care professionals are helping quiet the minds of and bring peace to their clients.

According to Marxer: "The Miraval Experience is about mindfulness. Our guests are taught about mindfulness in all phases of their stay; during exercise, eating, yoga and even challenge activities. We like to incorporate this concept of being in the moment and fully present to experience that moment. Practicing mindfulness keeps us from spending our time either in what has passed or what is to come. Reminding our guest to be mindful ensures that they are fully present with a quiet mind, not unlike meditation serves to do.

"At the Spa at Miraval, we begin our services with our Miraval Greeting, which encourages our guests to receive their service using the principles of mindfulness, awareness, breath and quiet attention. We begin the service by asking the guest to inhale deeply three times, each time inhaling the scent of aromatherapy oil. We instruct our guests on the value of breath--it is our connection to the present moment, it helps to connect the mind and body and aids in the release of muscular tension. In doing so, we help create a space not unlike one created during a meditation, quieting the mind and body. Adding this step is one way we are able to bring the peace of meditation and a deeper dimension to the spa experience here at Miraval"