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Research Shows Nanoparticles May Penetrate Sun Damaged Skin

Posted: August 25, 2008

In a paper published in Nano Letters, scientists at the University of Rochester found that quantum dot nanoparticles penetrated UV damaged skin more than non-compromised skin. The conclusion was reached from in-vivo tests carried out on mice exposed to UV light levels similar to those that would induce medium level sunburn in humans.

Gauging the impact of sun damage

To gauge the impact of sun damage on the penetrative capabilities of nano-based sunscreens the scientists used quantum dot nanoparticles. These are not generally used in sunscreens, despite their UV absorption properties but they are a similar size to the titanium dioxide nanoparticles used commonly in sunscreens.

The authors of the study said the higher penetration levels observed in sunburned skin led them to the conclusion that the condition of the skin strongly influences penetration.

Important discovery