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Medical Esthetic Technology

Posted: June 9, 2008, from the January 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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“LED therapy is garnering significant buzz in medical, esthetic and consumer circles. However, keep in mind that not all LEDs are the same. Look for those that have been proven clinically to offer customers a new technological advancement that is an effective way to attain younger, healthier-looking skin. Best of all, these particular LED treatments can be used on all skin types, and are safe, painless and relatively quick.”

Marcel Besse, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Light BioScience

“Technology in the medical esthetic market reaches new heights with the inclusion of clinical instrumentation that can measure precisely many attributes of a patient’s progress. A few examples of this technology include equipment that measures cellular water content—a key factor in creating whole-body/internal and external anti-aging programs; ultrasound machines that help to track improvement in conditions such as cellulite; and clinical photography that evaluates sun damage levels, counts the number of comedones and wrinkles, and measures pore size. All of these provide scientific ways in which the spa can measure treatment results.”

Howard Murad, MD, CEO and founderMurad, Inc.

“In an effort to claim a larger market share, esthetic companies are producing an avalanche of new products, a few of which have merit but many of which are simply marketing gimmicks. Unfortunately, in many cases, these smoke–and–mirror products are so compelling that the consumer—and even the skin care professional—cannot sort fact from fiction.”