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Combination Services for Optimal Results

Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS; Tracy L. Drumm; and Terri A. Wojak November 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Taking the extra time to show a client highlighting and contouring makeup techniques, as well as how to conceal blemishes or accentuate the eyes, will provide them with a remarkable service.

Taking the extra time to show a client highlighting and contouring makeup techniques, as well as how to conceal blemishes or accentuate the eyes, will provide them with a remarkable service.

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Often, a client presents a variety of issues that makes it challenging to find that one perfect treatment to address all her concerns. By combining a variety of services and home-care products for a variety of concerns, clients are more likely to be satisfied with the overall results of their experience at your skin care facility. As always, take care when combining treatments to make sure that they will work in a positive—not negative—way to improve a client’s overall appearance. Following is information from a physician and esthetician on how to accomplish this, as well as advice from a marketing professional on how to make these services relevant to your clientele.

A Physician’s Perspective: Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS

Cosmetic enhancement is more than just science; it is an art form. Minor differences on the face can be made that give off a different first impression. With this subliminal difference approach, there may be several areas with very little change as opposed to accentuating one area dramatically. Where subtle or subliminal changes can make a person look more attractive and youthful, too dramatic of a change in one area can send the opposite message. Subliminal difference is a technique using multiple treatments to enhance overall results without making a client look over-done. (See 5 Nonsurgical Procedures That Create a Subliminal Difference.)

For the past two decades, wrinkles and folds have been targeted with minimal regard to the context within which those characterizing features are viewed. By setting sights more globally on augmenting a face based on the evolutionary forces that have shaped, developed and composed beauty and attraction, skin care professionals are able to deliver a more natural appearance. The subliminal difference method works because it enhances in a very subtle, natural way to ensure that beauty is still the focus, and not the intervention or the procedure. In its purest form, beauty serves as a subconscious communicator of health and vitality. When facial enhancement is made obvious and overt, beauty is being brought to the conscious level, and its effects are diminished. Gone are the days of windblown face-lifts, duck lips and joker faces. Cosmetic enhancement should be natural and within the context of a person’s own face.

An Esthetician’s Prospective: Terri A. Wojak

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5 Nonsurgical Procedures That Create a Subliminal Difference

1. Botulinum toxins can be used to elevate the brows, which open the eyelid aperture making the eyes appear larger, more inviting and more attractive. Recommending a lash-enhancing product for home use and having an esthetician demonstrate makeup techniques and shape the eyebrows will finish the look.

2. Fillers can be used to re-shape contours under the eyes, raise the cheeks and rejuvenate the brows framing the eyes. A judicious amount of filler to enhance the lips subliminally adds to female appeal, but excess may detract from the goal.

3. Fillers can also mask jowls, creating the appearance of a narrow jawline. Neurotoxins can reduce a heavy jaw by relaxing the jaw muscles. This de-emphasizes the lower one-third of the face and fits within the subliminal strategy of making a female face more attractive.

4. Homogeneous skin tone and color is important, as well, in the subliminal strategy of beauty. Human eyes look for contrast and to the human brain, heterogeneous—or mottled skin with dark spots, wrinkles and brown patches—are signals of aging and disease. Thickened homogenous skin with a pinkish hue is characteristic of youthfulness and health. Laser treatments and chemical peels reduce contrasting blemishes and accentuate the natural color of the skin.

5. Facials, superficial exfoliation and effective skin care products will enhance results and protect a client’s investment.

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