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The Meridian Peaceful Heart Treatment

By: Linda Bertaut
Posted: January 30, 2012, from the February 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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With 12 meridians in six yin/yang pairs, and two overflow channels, stimulating specific acu-points supports physical, emotional and mental well-being for you and your clients.

Meridian acu-points

Along meridian pathways, you will feel slight indentations under the skin where energy pools. These are meridian acu-points. Each point has a specific indication within the larger theme of the meridian itself. You may stimulate these points in a treatment by simply pressing and releasing, or by making small circles. Incorporate the following meridian acu-points into an existing facial before the massage, or perform a Meridian Peaceful Heart Treatment stimulating essential points with a neck and shoulder massage as part of a 30–45 minute treatment.

Remember that each meridian and organ system has emotional affiliations related to it. Typically the heart meridian points are for anxiety; liver points are for depression and irritability; lungs for grief; and kidneys for fear. (See Meridian Chart.)

One with nature

Each person is one with nature, interconnected in the web of life. Walk the path of beauty by introducing the Meridian Peaceful Heart Treatment, renewing parts of your clients as they experience wholeness, clarity and purpose to live in harmony with nature and others.

Author, esthetician, Reiki master teacher and award-winning inner and outer beauty expert Linda Bertaut specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface and inspiring others to do the same. Known as one of the beauty industry’s top Reiki master teachers, she founded Bertaut Beauty to help professionals add value to their services. She can be reached at 626-405-0424 or