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What Men Really Want

By: Rhonda Allison
Posted: May 27, 2011, from the June 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Men’s facials: At one time, those two words went together about as well as water and oil. Today, however, they represent an important sector that skin care professionals don’t want to overlook.

The fact is, men have wanted to participate in the youth revolution for years; they just didn’t have the green light from the world of macho. However, a shift has been taking place that says men who take care of their skin and look their best are cool and accepted.

With this shift, there is an opportunity to educate, simply because most men haven’t been educated about how important skin care services and products are for healthy, youthful skin. That is where your job comes in. Get an active dialogue going with clients and consumers—both men and women—about the importance of men’s skin care. Keep in mind, however, that men’s skin desires and needs differ from those of women.

What do men really want?

That’s a loaded question for which there is no answer, but in terms of skin care, men want simplicity. They are less interested in the idea of a full, integrated process and more interested in those few essential, results-oriented treatments and products—hard-working simplicity. Any effective facial and regimen should, however, follow the five critical, yet simple, skin laws: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, restore and build, and protect.

Getting men to move beyond basic skin care—or adopt a regimen at all—can be tricky, but facials are a great way to ease men into an integrated skin care system. Also, try turning them on to products that pull double duty. For instance, a shave gel that doubles as a rejuvenating mask; a toner that works to strengthen, restore and rebuild the skin; or a moisturizer that supports and protects skin from the elements.