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Keep It Clean

Diana L. Howard, Annet King and Jane Wurwand October 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
spa client washing her face

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It’s easy to take cleansing for granted, since it seems like such a basic step. But the fact is, people often shortchange themselves by not cleansing thoroughly. Many women don’t feel that their skin is dirty in the morning, so they may not cleanse before applying makeup, and they lack the education and the correct products to effectively remove makeup at the day’s end. Proper cleansing is the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin.

A clean demographic

“Wash your face and hands, and brush your teeth.” Hasn’t this been a mantra since childhood? Yet, speaking from 30 years of experience in the skin care industry, people don’t really know how to clean their skin ... and I’d frankly rather not even think about the condition of their teeth.

Research conducted at The International Dermal Institute (IDI) confirms that most women spend fewer than 20 seconds washing their faces in the morning. However, they may spend a bit more time in the evening, if they are removing makeup. At least let’s hope so.

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Bring Back the Cleanse

The cleanse is the point of first contact of your hands on clients’ skin, and can make or break the deal. Keep in mind that some of these standard techniques should also be taught to your clients in order for them to realize better results with home-care products.

1. Begin the process by applying a water-soluble, oil-based pre-cleanser. Apply undiluted on dry skin, and pay special attention to areas of congestion, oiliness and obvious makeup. Take your time and really work the ingredients into the follicle by using upward strokes because this movement lifts each fine hair and delivers the product into the follicle where the oil can dissolve sebum.

2. Next, wet hands with water and work over the skin to emulsify the pre-cleanser; remember, the pre-cleanser breaks down oil, then water breaks down the pre-cleanser. You can use steam at this point to further soften the skin, dilate the follicles and allow for better product absorption. Then rinse the skin thoroughly with tepid water.

3. Continue with the selected cleanser for your client. Apply and remove twice as the solid foundation for pristine skin that glows with health.

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