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Today's Esthetic Toolbox

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: November 25, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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New diagnostic tools take the classics a bit farther to help the esthetician not only identify skin issues, but also supply proof to clients that their skin is really improving. “New tools are great for building clientele,” explains Wojak. “A seasoned esthetician should be able to look at the skin and tell what it needs, but the new tools give documentation for the client.”

Imagers and UV scanners. If you feel as if you would like to have proof about the effectiveness of your treatments, look no further than the imagers and UV scanners currently on the market. Ranging from highly magnified cameras to imagers that show subsurface pigmentation and vascular features, these tools allow for a more thorough consultation, as well as the ability to refer back to documentation in order to reassure clients wondering if they are seeing results. “Cameras are good for before-and-afters,” says Hinds, and Wojak agrees, saying, “Some clients say they don’t see that big of a difference, so then you show them the picture of the beginning of their treatment series. A lot of clients need that.”

Hand-held skin analyzers. New to the market are pieces of equipment that, in a second, detect the levels of a variety of skin elements, such as sebum and moisture. These tools are also used to help clients understand how and when a treatment is working. According to Anne Grubek, owner of Anya’s Skin Care in New York, hand-held analyzers are easy to use and make an important point to clients. “You just press one button to turn it on and place it on the skin. It’s like a thermometer that allows you to read the moisture of the skin in a variety of places,” she says.

Because it is new to her business, Grubek says the analyzer currently serves to satisfy her existing clients’ curiosity and help new clients see solid results. “I do the readings after treatments because the skin is more hydrated. I can show them the numbers before and after, supporting the service. They see this in the mirror, but it gives you the numbers and readings,” she explains. Wojak also believes this type of equipment will become standard. “It’s great to have in order to build clientele and show them that you are making a difference on the skin,” she says.

Skin magnification systems. If you are looking for all the benefits of a mag lamp and more, today’s skin magnification systems offer a variety of options for viewing the skin up close and personal. These adaptations include versions that can be worn on the head, featuring lenses with various magnification and lighting options for better visibility.