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Skin Synergy: The New Equipment Equation

By: Whitney Johnson
Posted: October 31, 2013, from the November 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Skin Synergy: The New Equipment Equation

The quest for healthy, timeless skin has never been more complex, or more promising for both skin care professionals and clients. Today, the skin care industry is experiencing a dynamic fusion of new equipment with traditional techniques to form a modern hybrid modality. This multidimensional skill-set empowers skin care professionals to address client concerns effectively and safely with reliable, consistent and measurable results that form the bedrock of customer loyalty. For your business to truly thrive, your skin care facility needs to place all of the core modalities—including state-of-the-art equipment—into an equation that results in profits and happy clients.

No longer either/or

Once upon a time, it was either high-touch or high-tech. Skin care professionals either relied purely on classical hands-on techniques, perhaps aided by a bit of aromatherapy, or they quickly embraced the newest technologies, which blurred the line between traditional skin care and clinical medical spa practices. The most famous? Botox, followed by other injectables, lasers and chemical peels. These are ubiquitous, but must be considered very carefully before integrating them into your practice.

Today’s client is in the position of demanding the best of all worlds, and skin care professionals must discern carefully between which treatments and services are compatible with the business they truly want to develop. When evaluating whether or not to include a specific service on your menu, it is wise to closely examine the needs of the client. For instance, injectables changed the expectation level of skin care clients everywhere because they deliver instant, visible change. Be sure that you and your clients understand that there are more elements than just instant change to a long-term skin health program.

Another significant change in clients’ expectations is the insistence upon little-to-no downtime. A client is no longer willing to retire to her chamber for two weeks while recovering from a peel, microdermabrasion or cosmetic procedure. In fact, today’s client would rather not even tolerate redness or splotchiness immediately after a skin care treatment involving extractions. The service must melt seamlessly into her day at the office or evening plans—today’s client is more time-sensitive than any other in history.

The future’s dynamic duos

The meat of the matter is treatments. Because current technologies are rapidly evolving, they can be combined with key ingredients, including designer peptides, salicylic acid, white tea, yeast extract, oatmeal, red hogweed, ginger and bisbolol in new and powerful ways with less risk, decreased downtime and superior results.