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Is Your Work Environment Healthy for Your Estheticians?

Lydia Sarfati October 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Is Your Work Environment Healthy for Your Estheticians?

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Within the professional skin care industry, people talk frequently about energy and spirit. As estheticians, you are working hard to make sure that your clients are comfortable, relaxed and healthy. But what about you? How is providing services to your clients impacting your body? As service providers, it is essential that you carefully monitor how the services you provide are affecting you personally. There are measures and precautions that can be taken in order to make sure you and your team members are using the most beneficial equipment for both yourself and your clients.

Adjustable equipment

A typical day for most estheticians likely involves being hunched over a client in a dark room for hours on end. This kind of work environment can take a toll on the body—especially if the equipment in your facility is not customized to your and your team members’ fit and build. So how can business owners ensure that all of their employees and clients are comfortable? Adjustable equipment is ideal for the esthetician, spa owner and client.

Adjustable equipment allows estheticians and clients to be comfortable and safe, and the spa owner doesn’t have to worry about replacing equipment to match the needs of each individual esthetician. Every esthetician can do a treatment in any room in the spa interchangeably while still being comfortable. Utilizing treatment beds and stools with a manual incline/decline option can help to ensure that estheticians are working in a comfortable position. They can move the client up or down, depending on their height without compromising the comfort of the client. In fact, an adjustable bed is ideal for more mature or even child clients who may need the bed lowered for them to initially get in it. Once they are comfortable, the esthetician simply needs to adjust the height with a remote if their adjustable bed is electric, in order to not strain themselves or jerk around the client. Also, consider using a treatment bed with a heating pad for extra client comfort, especially if your facility is located in a cold climate. It is a thoughtful extra touch for your clients.

Equipment with wheels

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