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Fall Color Preview 2013: A Multitude of Moods

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: September 3, 2013, from the September 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

The rich Carafe can be used as an alternative to black around the eyes for an organic, back-to-nature look. Makeup, Donna Mee/; photographer, Gary Lyons; model, Rachele Schank/Women Model Management

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Mykonos Blue. Mykonos Blue is a bold, but classic shade. Blue can often be a challenging color to wear, but Mee says, “Mykonos Blue is flattering on the right shade of a blue eye if it has a darker outer iris, but it can also be done on a brown eye.” She suggests that, like Emerald, this shade can be worn as an eyeliner for those seeking to make a fashion statement.

Samba. “Samba as a lip color is killer—extremely versatile for all skin tones. Women should feel an immediate boost of confidence when wearing a lovely red lip,” says Elgueta. Although clients can be hesitant to wear red blush, Mee recommends using Samba sparingly on those with olive-yellow or golden complexions.

Turbulence. A dark gray, Turbulence can be used as an alternative to black. “Try to use the shade as a contour shadow or over the low lid if you’re doing a smoky eye … Turbulence is especially striking on a muted-blue or blue-gray eye color,” says Mee. “For those with large eyelids or a high crease, the color can still be too overwhelming. In that case, they should utilize it as an eyeliner or smudge it into the eye shadow on the lash line.”

Vivacious. A deep fuchsia, Vivacious will enhance warm complexions, and is especially fabulous on an olive skin tone, says Mee. “For a woman who is more daring and likes a dramatic eye, use just a little halo of the Vivacious color at the outer edges of dark smoky eye. The combination looks great on a dark brown or hazel eye,” she says, adding that anyone could wear it as a sheer tone in a lip gloss.

“The easiest way to incorporate a new or unfamiliar color into an eye makeup is to either use it as an eyeliner or to put it on the lid only and fade it into the crease, and do nothing else,” say Bennett. “Using these rich colors—these brown-based purples and burgundies and oranges—if you do the color on the lid only, and blur the lines up to the crease, apply your liner and mascara—and it’s a really nice, fresh way to do it.”

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