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Changing Faces and Healing Souls

Christine Heathman May 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
burn camouflage application

The second-degree burn on the left side of the face is no longer visible after an application of camouflage makeup.

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According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the word “metamorphosis” means a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances. Metamorphic makeup therapy may aptly be described as unique to skin and emotional rehabilitation. It is also known as cosmetic makeup therapy, which involves the application of specialized camouflage makeup to cover and minimize imperfections while enhancing natural beauty, correcting facial deformities or reducing the effects of skin trauma brought on by congenital, accidental, dermatological or surgical challenges.

Looking normal

A person’s beauty and strength of character are often showcased through the face and hair, and the degree to which these features are properly accentuated or emphasized can significantly influence one’s level of peer and societal acceptance. Facial features affect a person’s self-image, which is the really important issue.

Looking normal can be the greatest—and sometimes the only—goal in life for many individuals. Facial issues may be suffered due to birth defects, disfiguring scars, abnormally distorted features, skin imperfections, dermatological conditions or postsurgical effects. Even the effects of aging are physical obstacles due to skin discolorations, uneven skin texture and broken capillaries.

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Before: Second Degree Burn

woman with second degree burn

Before: Bruise

woman with bruise

After: Bruise

woman with bruise covered up

Before: Portwine Stain

woman with portwine stain

After: Portwine Stain

portwine stain no longer visible

The Benefits of Camouflage Makeup

Camouflage makeup therapy can provide significant benefits when clients:

  • Need to develop confidence in their reflective self-image;
  • Are healing—for example, after elective aesthetic cosmetic surgery;
  • Are in between revisions of surgery in order to minimize a condition during transition;
  • Are emotionally accepting about what has happened to their physical image and need help regaining self-esteem after an accident;
  • Have dermatological problems, such as vitiligo, acne, rosacea or psoriasis;
  • Want to diminish or disguise birthmarks; and
  • Want to counteract the visible effects of medication or disease, chemotherapy, radiation or other altering devices.

Camouflage therapy assists in three ways:

  1. On the body of the user
  2. On the psyche of the user
  3. On the attitude of others toward the user

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