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Professional Cosmetics Go High Def

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: December 23, 2008


Most of Hollywood has been doing it for less than a decade, and some television shows and channels are catching on. But in February 2009, all full-power broadcast television stations in the U.S. will air digitally in high-definition (HD); no longer broadcasting on analog airwaves. Subsequently, in 2009, the theatrically caked-on foundation and heavy red lipstick worn by performers since the days of silent films and vaudeville will also undergo dramatic change, as the professional color cosmetics market shifts its focus to products formulated for high-def use in film, on television, on the fashion runway and on the stage. Next year, professional color cosmetics brands will not only expand their high-pigmented products into more makeup artists’ studios, they’ll also introduce the concept internationally to the mass consumer.

According to Michael Benjamin, president and CEO of Temptu—a professional, U.S.-based airbrush makeup and body art business that’s launching a new consumer line in 2009—people’s lives are ever-evolving in the digital realm. “Video cameras and digital cameras are almost all high-def,” Benjamin says. “Consumers are able to see themselves in high-def now, too.”

With increased clarity and higher-resolution imagery, high-def is challenging the professional cosmetics market, as well as boosting its appeal. The intimidating aspect of high-def lies in its ability to document even the most minute flaws on the skin or in makeup, thereby making nutricosmetics and other product categories that much more appealing as complementary segments imperative to the high-def makeup market. “Women are taking better care of their skin,” Benjamin says, “which means cosmeceuticals and skin care create the foundation for making our products look flawless.”

Mary Krenn Phillips, product line manager for Presperse LLC, also understands the segment. “To accomplish a flawless, natural look, the canvas of the skin has to be flawless, forcing individuals to really care for and maintain skin health,” she says. “Therefore, you will see a growing synergy between cosmetics and skin care ingredients that promote skin health.”