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Spring Color Preview 2014: Challenging Conformity

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

According to Pantone, the Fashion Color Report Spring 2014 is “inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women.”1 Jaclyn Peresetsky, CEO, esthetician and color specialist at SkinPerfect Image Wellness Spa in Columbus, Ohio, notes this season’s palette is versatile—lending itself to those who care “to stay safe with pastels and monochromatic color schemes,” and “those who want to experiment with new looks can add the bold colors for an artistic flair.”

Allyson Harold, lead makeup artist and color trend specialist for Mineralogie, says the on-trend colors for the season are what’s expected for spring: feminine, inspired by nature and floral; however, they contain stronger notes, as well. “All colors evoke emotion, and this new palette gives you a variety of choices from calm and peaceful to exciting and confident,” says Peresetsky.

Preparing the canvas

“There’s always a skin trend with every season, and [this season, there is] definitely that hard-to-achieve ‘no makeup’ makeup look,” says Harold. “It looks like your skin—like this is how you look all of the time—just perfected.”

Makeup artist James Edward, founder of J. Edward makeup and skin care products, explains that it’s all about a natural look. “The biggest thing I saw that was consistent was the skin … it’s supposed to look like a young, healthy skin. If you have freckles, it’s not necessarily covering them up; it’s letting them come through,” he says. This natural look can be achieved with tinted moisturizers and sport concealers to even out skin tone, as well as highlighters and illuminating products to brighten key areas, creating a youthful glow.2

Chicago-based makeup artist, Nika Vaughan, recommends revisiting cream products. “Most cream products nowadays are meant to be long-wearing—they’re not like the cream products back in the ,’70s and ’80s. They do that no-makeup look so well because they’re easy to blend—it looks like it’s coming from within the skin.” This draw toward flawless and fresh-looking skin—rather than heavily covered, matte skin—is especially ideal for creating statement looks with the eyes and lips. “The skin just looks so gorgeous and radiant that everything just stands out with it,” says James Cornwell, celebrity hair and makeup artist.

Catching fire