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Fashionably Fresh

By: Kate Hamilton
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the April 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Cosmetic colors are nature-inspired—soft, earthy tones and pale pastels. Desert shades of rich dusty red, sandstone and slate gray abound. A dewy, nude face causes eyes to pop and softer, muted tones to stand out. Aged gold shimmers, and natural blues highlight brows, hinting at subtle glamour. Fresh, luminous skin glows with a touch of bronzing that re-emphasizes the natural, nude trend of spring.

Whether fresh and clean or dark and smoky, Spring 2006 centers around the eyes. Fashion Group Inc. (FGI) predicts two coexisting trends in makeup. The new guard emphasizes the eyes—lashed and thickly lined with smoky lids—and pale lips. Pore-perfect skin takes center stage with the old guard, accompanied by blush as a natural flush, understated eyes, and soft pink or peachy-coral lips.

With all this attention focused on the eyes, lips are left to revel with a slight shine that enhances their natural shape. Colorful, rich makeup also is a trend seen by Emily Dougherty, beauty director for Elle magazine. The glamour girl—a signature look of singer Gwen Stefani—sports bright red lustful lips and richly lined eyes. Deeply painted lips in red or pink are complemented by minimalist eyes.

Spring makeup emphasizes one feature and tones down the rest of the face to add even more drama. Combine dark eyes with lightly glossed lips, a brightly shaded pucker with a light coat of mascara and nude lips, or cool pastels swept across the lids and natural color lining the mouth.

Dress your tresses

On the runway, hair ranged from sleek and off the face to flowing, natural locks. Hair complements the focus on makeup by remaining subdued with ponytails, slicked-back bangs with a side part and loosely pinned curls. Another popular look this season is a combination of sleek and wild. Bipolar styles gel the hair around the face for smooth, clean lines, yet allow tresses to go loose and wild piled at the crown of the head.