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A Season of Rebirth

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: February 28, 2011, from the March 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Although nude and pale pink still reign supreme in spring, bright color is also being represented, with bright oranges, pinks and reds for the lips, says Luque. Glossy is still big, but the new matte was the talk of the runways. “It’s not the dry, cakey, claylike matte. This is more of a velvet matte. It plays with light, but it’s not reflective. It makes lips look lush without being dry,” explains Bennett.

Some of the brighter colors include orange, tangerine, cantaloupe, hot pink, honeysuckle, coral and deep berry, says Katz. “If your client prefers a less obtrusive lip color, the nude lipsticks of the season have a light, soft pink, while others are more brown,” she explains.

A growing optimism

The new brightness of spring illustrates a growing optimism in the country, says Katz. “People are wanting to feel more optimistic, and these colors imbue a sense of optimism that we’ve been missing. As things are starting to turn around, people want to express that and not look so heavy. There’s a vibrancy that we’ve not seen in a while,” she explains.

And although many clients may be initially dubious about adopting the vibrant shades of spring, help adapt the shades to fit their needs. “For women who don’t want to look obvious or forced, work on their favorite feature. Translating these looks translates into what the clients are willing to try,” says Mendelson.

Along with picking the right shades, Bennett suggests working with clients to help them find the right solutions. “Clients and makeup artists need to take a moment and figure out how to get the most out of products. Idiot-proof products are not the way to go in an economy-concious environment. Put your thinking caps on and start helping clients find multiuse products that fit into different parts of their makeup lives.”