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How-to: The Rainbow Reiki Treatment

By: Linda Bertaut
Posted: November 7, 2008

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Step 2: Prepare your client. Have her put on a wrap, select an affirmation, and choose a meditation or guided visualization before she lies down. Instruct her to take at least three deep breaths as you mist her with the appropriate essential oil combination, and let her know what you will be doing—placing the stones on her chakra centers first, then putting your hands on the head, neck and heart to initiate balance and overall wellness. You will also be incorporating light touch on the acupressure and trigger points of the head and shoulders during the treatment.

Step 3: Place your gemstones on the appropriate chakras:

  • Red jasper or black tourmaline on a tissue at the pubic bone for the first chakra.
  • Carnelian an inch below the navel at the second chakra.
  • Citrine at the opening to the ribs, below the sternum, for the third chakra.
  • Aventurine or rose quartz at the heart for the fourth chakra.
  • Apatite or turquoise at the base of the neck for the fifth chakra.
  • Sodalite or lapis on the forehead at the “third eye” for the sixth chakra.
  • And fluorite or amethyst at the top of the head or under the towel for the crown, or seventh, chakra.

Please note, some stones may cause a reaction, such as twitching. Stay aware, and make sure your client knows to alert you if she is uncomfortable at any time so you can make adjustments with what you are doing. Typically you will only need to remove the stone in question.

Step 4: With the gemstones placed on the body, go to the head of your client to start the Reiki hand positions and acupressure and trigger points. Place your hands in the first position over the eye area as shown. Hold your hands here for two to four minutes. Then slowly move them to press the acupressure points above the brow with your fingers, then circle on the temples and release. Do this twice before moving to position two at the top of the head.

Step 5: For hand position two, hold your hands at the top of the head for two to four minutes, then slowly move them laterally, letting the thumbs remain at the middle of the head. Move your thumbs to the soft spot of the crown and press slowly with firm pressure. Continue pressing to the hairline where you separate your thumbs, moving laterally to the temples. Circle the temples lightly, and move your hands to the third Reiki position.