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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from October 2012.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What is the most common skin complaint or concern of your clients? How do you address it?

Aging skin showing wrinkles and fine lines. Getting on a monthly skin regimen to include exfoliation and products with peptides. This will get the cells to turn over faster since the process slows as we age. The peptides will help rebuild collagen and plump out the fine lines leaving your skin hydrated and glowing while protecting the cells from future damage.
- Sandra Perchal, Esthetician, Valley View Spa, Lincoln, CA
Adult acne and sun damage. I use the video imaging to show them what is not visible to the human eye. I educate them on cleansing, skin care ingredients needed for their skin type and condition. I complete a treatment plan for them to follow with a home care regimen and in office treatments. I educate on nutrition, lifestyle and supplements. Sometimes I need to make adjustments depending on how their skin reacts to products/ingredients or treatments. I get a full medical and lifestyle history, and take pictures periodically for the files. It's a process, educating the client is the key.
- Angela Shcolnik, Clinical Esthetician/Laser Tech, Rx (Skin) Lab, Scottsdale, AZ
Because there is so much controversy with acne, teen acne and adult acne, clients seem to think every breakout every time is acne. Probably occurs most in concerns question than any other issue. Teaching students to address this issue entails teaching them the difference in acne and breakouts. Acne is systemic and that helps the students in looking for other areas of breakouts. Hormonal breakouts are for the most part territorial also. All of the client information together with a complete analysis should give the client more insight on the causes and treatments for their breakouts.
- Gloria Prince, Esthetics Instructor, North Central Texas College, Gainesville, TX
With an aging and ethnicly diverse population, I am seeing and hearing concerns about hyperpigmentaion more than anything else.
- Doretta Brown, Esthetician, Pamper Me Please, Castro Valley, CA
The most common skin complaint I get is about adult acne and breakouts. Another concern is anti-aging. I address these concerns by analyzing the clients skin and asking probing questions about their diet, products that they currently use or have used in the past, and their desired result before I make a recommendation.
- Gina Mangum, Esthetician, The Waxx and Lash Studio, Southaven, MS
Uneven skin tone seems to be the top complaint and wrinkles are a huge concern. I offer up a home skin care routine and start them on skin brightening treatments. I really love Image Skin Care's Vital C Signature Lift and Lightening Lift. I always get great results!
- Debbie Markiewicz, Owner/Esthetician, Tranquility Skin Spa, Itasca, IL
Aging skin
- Nuzhat Ali, Owner, Zen Organic Salon, El Cerrito, CA
Hyperpigmentation and we treat it with mild acid and enzyme peels with products with natural lighteners for the skin, including bearberry, licorice root, stone crop, kojic acid ... NO hydroquinone!
- Kim Raimer, Manager, Falling Waters Spa, Hudson, OH
Large pores
- Amber Gudgell, Esthetician, Amber Gudgell, Lexington, Ky
I think in my business it could be hyperpigmentation. I address it it by giving skin brightening products for home use.. sunscreen included. and several peels of progressive nature.
- Sharon Willaims, Owner/Esthetician, Pristine Clinical Skin Care, Capitola, CA
Aging for sure. I recommend regular facials, as well as home care that includes a vitamin C serum and an amazing moisturizer.
- Shannon Sankey, Esthetician, Pure Bliss Salon and Spa, Flint, MI
In our clinic, the majority of clients are women ages 40 and up. The most common complaint outside of wrinkles is sagging, especially of the lower face. We address it by using ultrasound technology. Ultherapy allows us to thermally target deep connective tissue, allowing for a nonsurgical face lift.
- Valerie Martineau, Clinic Manager, MD Aesthetics, Whitby, Ontario
Hyperpigmentation from sun damage. Treat in-spa with IPL along with peels to brighten up the skin. Home care products that inhibit melanin such as kojic acid, mulberry, licorice as well as a broad spectrum SPF 30+ and application of mineral makeup to further protect the skin from the sun.
- Rachael Kendell, Beauty Therapist, Beauty Bar Noosa, Tewantin, Qld
Most people who come in complain about having really oily skin, although this is usually not the case. I start by explaining the difference between oily skin versus combo, normal, dry or dehydrated. Then I explain the benefits of having oil on the skin such as how it helps hold the water in and how it helps fight premature aging. I give them recommendations for their skin and usually up sell peels or microderm to help soften and shrink large pore size. In almost every case, once they start a proper skin regime and know more about their skin type, they are VERY happy with the results!!
- Nicole Peetros, Esthetician/Spa Manager, Elle Day Spa, Pittsfield, MA
The most common complaint that my client's have is hyperpigmentation. I do chemical peels and microdermabrasion to address the problem in the treatment room. I also advise my clients on the importance using brightening agents, retinols, and low level acids topically to suppress pigmentation. And most important of all I preach sun protection daily, rain or shine, with an SPF30 or better, in order to prevent additional sun damage. It's so much easier to prevent the damage than to battle it later!
- Erin Clausen, Owner/Aesthetician, CIDESCO Diplomate, Belle en Vie Salon & Day Spa, Susanville, CA
Most common concern? Depends on the season. But fine lines/wrinkles, dry skin and rosacea definitely top the list. Clients are recommended to maintain using a form of vitamin A and glycolic combination for the fine lines. With that they need balance, so for dry or dehydrated skin it's recommended to have a stable form of vitamin C. Monthly skin care treatments and clinical skin care for home use can help these and other conditions. Image Skincare has the perfect blend of these ingredients without breaking the bank.
- Aimee Fuentes, Owner/Esthetician, Esthetic Options, Seattle, WA
Dry skin. One question I ask all my clients is the habit of drinking water daily. Then learn the products they are using on face and body. Do they take medications that may cause dry skin or any health issues that appear to be a possable cause of same. Many times clients don't know the importance of keeping hydrated from the inside to the outside. Taking the time to help educate make a difference for my clients.
- J A Phelan, Executive Manager, To Life Naturally Wellness Spa, Bakersfield, CA
The most common concern that I hear from clients is the affects and fear of aging skin. It's through listening closely to what they are saying, thorough examination and addressing their issues in a professional yet compassionate manner that you create satisfied clients. I offer a thorough analysis of each individual's skin, and then provide solutions with superior products and techniques best suited to their skin. A good example for a client who has consistently dry skin, I might suggest a super-hydrating mask, such as a green tea mask, after a gentle cleansing and toning and perhaps a cocktail of serums to help address the issues. This is a great time to introduce them to new services that they have not yet experienced like the crystal-free microderm machine that uses ultrasonic frequency to help push those delicious serums deep into the layers of the skin. Most importantly, I make certain that each client has the opportunity to purchase products so that they can continue with a basic skin care routine until their next visit.
- Sandra Smith, Owner/Esthetician/Reiki Master, Hands of Ki Holistic Center, Watertown, NY
Dehydration and adult acne; I address it as hormonal changes, which is their other concern.
- Dee Heizer, Esthetician/Owner,, Napa, CA
Pigmentation is one of the major complaints. After a proper consultation and thorough skin analysis, I choose to work with a prescription-strength home care program. In the office, I treat the skin with minimally invasive treatments to help lift pigment.
- Rosa Lora, Esthetician/Electrologist, L Spa, Bradenton, FL
How can help my skin look and feel better? I suggest first line of defense is an daily antioxidant and SPF 30 every day. Then I discuss some of the benefits of medical esthetic treatments as well.
- Tracey Ovitt, Master Esthetician, Dermatology of Williamsburg, Toano, VA
I hear more clients complain about having sensitive skin. I always turn to education and explain to them what sensitive skin really is and the ingredients in 99% of over the counter products that can affect the skin in negative ways. Most clients are not aware of the ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin. I have had numerous clients afraid to get a facial because they have such "sensitive skin" and the products will make them break out. Explaining to them the difference in professional skin care lines and over the counter lines, and that I will promise them a great experience, they usually try it and are amazed! It is also a great opportunity to introduce them to your product line and the products within the line that are good for their skin. They usually will buy and try.
- Keri Glenn, Owner/Esthetician, Esthetics On The Go, Littleton, CO
My most common skin complaint is melasma. I educate my clients, telling them about the difference between hyperpigmentation and melasma, explaining melasma's hormonal influence and how deep within the layers of skin the pigment is. I first recommend a physical sunscreen to prevent it from becoming darker, I then begin a series of personalized treatments using chemical peels, possible microdermabrasions and in addition to quality home skincare products. I'm in Texas, so hydroquinone isn't an option, so I must rely on a retinols and ingredients like licorice root, kojic and arbutin.
- Christen Alvarez, Director of Aesthetics, MD Laser Skin Care, Flower Mound , TX
My clients most common complaint is usually a dull complexion. I get this complaint from clients with dry skin and breakout-prone skin, as well. I find the most common reason is lack of exfoliation. I usually ask them about their routine and then explain the importance of a good, balanced cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and protected skin care routine. Most people are unaware of the difference between a scrub and alpha hydroxy acid, and are amazed when their skin bounces back.
- Shanna Bustichi Peuse, Owner/Esthetician, Shanna's Esthetics, Santa Cruz, CA
Aging and dehydration. We use an anti-aging skin care line Hanna Isul with transdermal properties. The two treatments with best results for our clients have been galvanic current that we customize with one or two of more than 20 condition-specific serums and the ultrasonic treatments-microdermabrasion, clearing, moisturizing, etc.
- Stephanie Kirkpatrick, Esthetician, 4A Skincare, Plano, TX
A large percentage of my clients, young and old, come in complaining of "oily" skin. Once I start probing about home care and get my hands on their skin, more times than not they are dry and/or dehydrated. Living in the South, clients are hesitant to use moisturizer in the hot months. I find that sending them home with a light, oil-free moisturizer has them running back for more.
- Angela Baumgartner, Owner/Esthetician, 2 Faced Skincare & Waxing Studio, Athens, GA
Although I see hyperpigmentation as the biggest concern, most of my clients really complain more about their pores and blackheads. For many people, myself included, regular facials are necessary to keep blackheads at bay. I also recommend a deep pore cleanser, coupled with the use of a Clarisonic, and twice a week glycolic/salicylic exfoliation (pads) and an oil-free moisturizer.
- Carleen McIlveen, Skin Therapist, Imagine by Carleen, North Branford, CT
The most common complaint is aging, mostly around the eyes.
- Mary Messina, Owner/Operator, Mary's Hair & Nails, Bartlett, IL
Dry/aging skin seems to be the favoring complaint/concern. I address it by reassuring my client that it is not too late and overall options are available with a number of treatments and products. I believe exfoliating is the first step, professional treatments once a month and then protecting with a home regimen and SPF. I ensure my clients these steps, and the trust and loyalty they put in me as the professional can ensure almost immediate results. I also end it with a tip that confidence and a smile radiate beauty over any concerns.
- Amy Fawcett Carvalho, Graduate, Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, Woburn, MA
I find most of my clients are concerned about the aging of their skin, specifically fine lines and less elasticity.
- Erica Hellier, Owner/ Esthetician/Makeup Artist, The Painted Lady, Portland, ME
The most common concern is premature aging. I address it by using highly hydrating treatments that include marine polypeptides. I also discuss damage done from UV rays and how to protect skin and reverse the damage with home care.
- Kathy Halliburton, Esthetician, John Francis Spa, San Francisco, CA
My most common complaint is wrinkles! I Botox them or I inject with a filler. I commonly use Radiesse, Juvaderm or Sculptra.
- David Vormohr, MD, Serendipity Med Spa, Hilton Head Island, SC
Deep wrinkles in the frontalis muscle region. I massage the area and relax the client overall.
- Monika Abalos, Esthetician, The Skin Care Studio, Sonora, CA
Acne , rosacea and aging skin
- Kathy Resasco, Owner, Spa 4 Skin, Ronkonkoma, NY
Eczema type-related issues and itchiness. Normally complaining about existing treatment using paraffin oil-based products. I am able to recommend other products that are nonparaffin based that they can substitute, especially in the summer.
- Ugesh Chand, Formulation chemist/consultant, Cosveda, Eagleby, Qld
Acne. I treat most cases with topical agents, like retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, and antibiotics. Sometimes, I use oral antibiotics and oral isotretinoin.
- Jordan Zuckerman, Director, The Dermatology Center, Bayside, NY
The most common complaint is aging skin. I usually address the question by asking for specifics. This helps in two ways. First, some of what I see as aging may not even bother the client. By allowing the client guide me to the specific issues, I get a better understanding of how this particular client sees herself. Second, once I learn the primary issue or issues, I go over options to address the recognized problem area(s). My recommendations usually include what has been the most successful for my clients in the past, which often includes a combination of services, skin care products and education about changes a client can make at home. I include education because I have had many women come to me for problems they have created. The most common is dry aging skin. I live in a northern climate that is dry. The word has been out for sometime that exfoliating stimulates collegian and many have gotten carried away. What I see is dry, red, gritty skin. It appears more aged when makeup is applied from the dry gritty surface layer. There is a strong desire to apply extra makeup to cover the redness. In this case, I educate about exfoliating less being more in this individuals case and what we can do together to resolve the issue. I have had success with a series of calming/soothing facials, a proper skin care regimen, and how to use it. I always give out my card along with written recommendations and instructions on the skin care plan before the client leaves.
- Jessi Smith, Esthetician, Jessi's Aesthetics, Traverse City, MI
The No. 1 skin complaint or concern I receive is in regard to aging skin (wrinkles, age spots, loose/sagging skin, lines and over all dullness). I generally find out exactly what problem my client wants to target and create a treatment plan that targets that specific problem. I also make sure that they take home samples or buy products that help to support the in-spa treatments we do so that they see the results they want.
- Jessica Brody, Owner/Esthetician, SkinCare OKC, Oklahoma City, OK
The question that comes up most is how to address the fine lines around the eyes and how to keep the skin glowing. I address it by telling them that first off sunscreen is key to keeping skin looking good and to not let any more aging happen from the suns rays including tanning beds! I next talk to them about getting oxygen back into their skin, vitamin C and peptides. Next we go into discussion about collagen breaking down, and I also discuss the importance of nutrition and how it can help the skin, like eating berries, papaya, salmon, omega 3s. I let them know that facial massage will help stimulate their cells, and proper cleaning and nourishing daily with exfoliation and masks weekly will increase how happy their skin will look.
- Michele Fulton, Owner, Cheles Spa, Monterey, CA
Dry skin and pigmentation are the two most popular skin complaint at the spa! Very often clients confuse dry skin with dehydration. It's two different issues. So I explain to them the difference and educate them on what to do or not do! i suggest them to apply hyaluronic acid and to exfoliate the dead/dry skin. Also, pigmentation can be from the sun or hormonal and i also educate them on the difference in either case they have to wear sunscreen! and protect the skin from the sun because it will become darker if they don't protect the skin.
- Melka Tinkel, Esthetician/Nail Tech, Burke Williams spa, North Hollywood, CA
How can I slow down the overall visible signs of aging on my face and body? This is a multifaceted question so I try to get to the bottom of what the client is really looking for. I begin with a lifestyle consultation. We go over the regular skin care client intake form but I go deeper into what their lifestyle entails. Specific habits, food choices/nutrition, medication, allergies, climate and of course, home skin care regimes all play a part in our overall health and wellness which affects our aging process. How our skin reacts or doesn't react is just a part of the picture. I make certain health recommendations based on dietary needs for proper nutrition... fresh fruits and vegetables for anti-oxidant support, healthy proteins for important amino acids to support the building blocks for our skin, vitamin & mineral supplements to support skin health by stimulating collagen and elasticity, improve acne, support muscles to decrease sagging. Of course, I add in the importance of water intake to flush out toxins for additional support of healthy skin and body. Besides the lifestyle consultation outside the salon, I education the client on the benefits and importance of skin care maintenance and treatments in the salon that they cannot get from over the counter products. When my education is up to date, I have the confidence to relay that information to my clients. They know when someone is just reciting what the rep told them vs what the professional has really learned and experienced with dealing with skin care, products and overall health. I take an interest in all my clients concerns and questions. If I do not have an answer, I go to my peers or someone in the field with more experience than I have and get answers for my clients. I like to address each clients needs individually. There isn't a one size fits all for all anti-aging or all acneic clients. My goal is to customize a treatment plan based on their main concerns, skin care issues and lifestyle. But most important, the plan I come up with for clients is a collaborative effort. I want to include them in the decision making process. I educate the client based on their skin care concern and types of treatments available and come to an educated agreement for treatment and home care. I have more happy clients when they feel they are part of the process. Although, I still have those clients who just want me to tell them what to do and when to do it. Individualized treatment is key!
- Sherry Roeder, Owner/Esthetician, Charlene Lyn Esthetics, Cedar Rapids, IA
Many of my clients are concerned about wrinkles and lines. I usually quiz them about water intake, nutrition, stress and exercise. I believe these things can greatly affect the appearance of both. I also remind them that genetics can play a major role. We talk about sun exposure as well. It's surprising how many women still like getting a tan and don't wear sunscreen or block.
- Bobbie Sanford, Owner, Healing Touch Bodywork & Skincare, Crockett, CA
The most common skin complaint of my clients is that they can't believe that they are "breaking out" at the age of 50 or more. I let them know that it is hormonal and help them to choose the proper products to help control that. I also tell them that this is the time to be more attentive to their skin and to get on a more regular facial regime and help them figure out what works best for their skin and their budget.
- Lori Lynch, Owner, Be Jeweled by Lori, Rockland, MA
Most of my clients are older and complain about wrinkles.
- Linda Shuma, Owner, Linda Shuma's Special Treatments, Hollidaysburg, PA
Hyperpigmentation! With monthly facials that include a deeper exfoliation process that I have them do at home, which includes a serum that treats hyperpigmentation--I suggest religious use of sunscreen and show them how to camouflage the hyper/hypopigmentation with a line of mineral makeup that has very good products that naturally disguise the problem area.
- Linda Doane, Esthetician/Massage Therapist/Manicurist, Panache, West Tisbury, MA
The most common skin complaint I hear from my clients is unevenness in complextion. I explain to my clients the factors that trigger pigmentation and educate them about protecting the skin with SPF all year rain or shine.
- Vanessa Botello-Cortez, Esthetician , Vanessa's , Justice , IL
Aging, especially around eyes and mouth.
- Barbara Wicklund, Owner/Esthetician, Cleopatras, Rockford, IL
For us here in the Sierra Nevadas, dryness and dehydration are main concerns. Exfoliation coupled with hydration infusing masks and retail products battle parched skin.
- Lindsay Garric, Esthetician/Makeup Artist, fabYOUglam, Reno, NV
How can I get rid of the puffiness, dark circles and lines around my eyes.
- Cheryl Goodheim, Owner/Esthetician, THE WORKS, Carlsbad, CA
My clients complain more about aging concerns. Depending on the main complaint, whether it is age spots or wrinkling, I always take into consideration the specific needs of my client and their particular skin type. I also find it beneficial to address only one concern at a time.
- Jackilyn Lundy, , Miller Motte, Wilmington, NC
The most common skin concern that we face every day is hyperpigmentation. As a medical esthetic facility, we address hyperpigmentation with a combination approach that involves medical-grade cosmeceutical products (such as hydroquinone or botanical skin lighteners) as a part of a skin care regimen combined with laser and/or light-based therapies. These include fractional erbium treatments in combination with intense pulsed light. We also stress the importance of sun avoidance and the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen.
- Janette Daher, Director of Operations, Ageless Aesthetic Institute , Aventura, FL
The most common complaint hands down is pigmentation issues. It's quite interesting though ... they spend years damaging their skin but want to see it gone in just one or two treatments. This is definitely an area where we have to school these clients!!
- Shelley Hancock, Owner/Esthetician, Real Transformation Center, Foster City, CA
Well, there are several concerns.The ones that stand out are generally aging skin. Sun damage and hyperpigmentation are also other issues faced by most of my clients. They all can be addressed however with proper regimens. Simply following a great consultation, I either perform specific types of facials or recommend specific targeted products followed by suggesting a follow up appointment to discuss any changes or differences in the skin.
- Gregory Coltren, Head Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Spa, Apex, NC
The most common is pigmentation. I address the issue with a great skin care system, chemical peels and laser treatments if necessary. First and foremost, once the pigment is removed, they need to follow a good skin care system to prevent further damage, and always use a sunscreen.
- PJ Teske, Esthetics Director, Optimal Perfection Clinical Skin Care Center, Mentor, OH
Age spots and discoloration
- Ruthann Meneghetti, Esthetician , Ego Boost Salon , Springfield , IL
The most common skin complaint is acne and, of course, aging and its vagaries, such as age spots. I try to educate my clients on the value of a proper diet, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit, sun protection and of course regular facials.
- Angela Leopold-Martinez, Owner/Esthetician, Visage De Beaute, Chaguanas, Trinidad
Signs of aging and wrinkles! I address the issues by educating my clients on facial exercises, how to keep their skin moist and supple and proper exfoliation modalities for their skin (whether chemical, mechanical, manual or a combination). We work in manual lymphatic drainage if needed and constantly work on SPF as being on of the best shields against outside forces affecting aging.
- Angela Szpak, Angela Szpak, Angela Szpak, New York, NY
Hyperpigmentation. I usually put them on a hydroquinone regimen and switch to an hq-alternative after they get their results for maintenance.
- Melissa Watson, Esthetician, Peachy , Encinitas, CA
Many of my clients are concerned about adult acne. In most cases, the breakouts are minor, so I educate them about proper skin care and using a topical acne medication. I caution against over drying the skin and popping lesions.
- Cindy Shaw, Owner/Esthetician, Renewal Skin & Body Center, Iowa City, IA
Adult acne-prone skin along with aging or photo damage! It seems that most of the clients we see are concerned about photo damage or hyperpigmentation, fine lines or loss of elasticity but they are not happy with most skin care product options because they make them break out since they are also acne prone. It's always difficult to balance on that fine line of helping to plump, hydrate, reduce signs of aging and at the same time address acne without over drying skin. We have great tools available to help these clients but it takes compliance, commitment and investment on the client's part. I wish that there was more main stream education in media to explain to general public that signs of aging can be repaired and slowed but there is not one single magic treatment or potion that will do it. You must find a skin care professional and commit yourself to the program!
- Connie Laux, Esthetician, Milwaukee Vein and Laser, Greenfield, WI
Aging! I first educate them on what professional products to use. I then will do a Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Treatment on them while explaining the benefit's of this treatment. Also well as send them home with at home skin care!
- Tricia Faust, Esthetician, Posare Salon/Spa, Las Vegas, NV
Nearly every guest that I see has concerns with comedones and clogging. After a thorough verbal intake and visual analysis, I work steam and an appropriate exfoliation method into the treatment to prepare the skin for extractions. Afterwards, I use high frequency when appropriate and if necessary a poultice mask to further draw out impurities from the skin. I educate my guest on the essential home care step of exfoliation and map out a treatment plan and home regimen with retail products to keep their pores more clean and free of debris.
- Lindsay Eberhart, Lead Esthetician, Beach Ready Spa , Santa Rosa Beach, FL
The most common complaint of our clients is aging skin, such as fine lines and spots. We always start with the basics: proper cleansing and care of the skin, hydration and of course, sun avoidance. We explain how a professional such as an esthetician can help them make the right choices for products for their skin, as well as perform maintenance deep facial cleansing and peels to reverse much of the damage. We provide them with several product lines so they can make the best choice for themselves in terms of lifestyle and finances and encourage them to follow up regularly with any questions they have. It's a win-win for us and our clients!
- Andrea Simonelli, Medical Esthetician, Mandala Med-Spa, Sarasota, FL
The biggest majority of my clients want to address issues with aging. This would also include sun damage, as I am located in the south. I use PCA products on my back bar and luckily they do have lots of excellent options for treatment during facials, chemical peels, and home care. My clients also love microdermabrasion treatments in conjunction with their facials. Of course, I stress the use of SPF products, which the daily moisturizer contains, and spot treat with pigment gel, which gives good results.
- Renee Parnell, Owner/Esthetician/Nail Tech, MeTime Salon & Day Spa, Cleveland, TN
Concerns about hyperpigmentation narrowly beat wrinkles and skin laxity. I recommend chemical peels if the hyperpigmentation is not severe and the client is in their 30s, or Fraxel resurfacing for someone who is also ready for more intensive anti-aging treatments. Use of a daily SPF with zinc oxide, as well as a melanogenesis inhibitor, is mandatory for home care.
- Sarah Burchett, Master Esthetician, Renew Dermatology, Henrico, VA
The most common skin complaints I get are: pigmentation, uneven skin tone and melasma due to the ethnic backgrounds of my clients.
- Annabelle Almodovar-Ramos, Esthetician, Beauty Moves LLC, Hollis, NY
Dark/age spots
- Tonya Atkinson, Esthetician, Tonic Salon Spa, Interlochen, MI
The most common complaint is that they have not yet found the product that satisfies their concerns. Whether dry skin, acne, wrinkles, discoloration, it appears that educating the client is our main job. During a consultation or treatment, we must let the client know that we understand their complaint and either know how to fix it or find out more information about it. Ingredients, treatment protocol and home care should help the client understand clearly what her problem is, what treatments will help and what she/he needs to do to help improve it with home care. Our interpretation of her 'dry skin' may translate into dehydrated skin --no wonder her moisturizers aren't fixing the problem.
- Brenda Romanow, Owner/Esthetician, Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, Amherst, NY
Adult acne! They're rarely oily, so treating it with drying products doesn't work. Some get on birth control to help with hormone regulation that doesn't work. They come in for regular treatments for professional exfoliation, they are diligent with their home care regimen and yet they struggle with acne. I recommend professional treatments every three weeks where we exfoliate, extract, mask and use high frequency. I recommend cleansing and exfoliation at home for the most part we can keep it in check! We also discuss things like the type of laundry detergent they use to avoid fragrant detergents, we discuss their diet and look for triggers such as dairy or soy. I recommend them speaking with their doctor about hormone regulators. Finally I recommend that they find time for themselves to manage their stress as that seems to be one of the biggest triggers!
- Kelly Mack, Owner, Absolute Precision, Chicago, IL
The majority of my clients are concerned with aging and sun damage. I first ask them what their skin regimen is. This way I can get a feel for what they do daily and see if anything they are using or doing is helping or not. I always always ask them about their sunscreen use. They need to be aware that sun exposure and damage is one of the main causes of aging in women. If they are using sunscreen daily and reapplying when necessary then I try to discuss treatment options for them and different products to try. I usually recommend trying a glycolic acid peel to try and break up some of the sun damage but also to help with fine lines and wrinkles. I'll also recommend trying skin care products that have retinol or some form of vitamin A in them to help with aging and sun damage.
- Nicole Pansera, Esthetician, Salon 1800, Chicago, IL
Dryness. I use moisturizing products on their skin meant for dry skin clients. these products have oils and plant extracts that moisturize the skin so their skin feels clean, soft, and smooth after.
- Jessica Gofron, Esthetician, Lavish Salon and spa, , IL
The most common complaint or concern my clients bring to the table is wrinkles and how they can improve or reduce the appearance of them. I love it when they ask because it really opens the door to a discussion about peptides, vitamins and nutrition, which my clients really appreciate learning about. It also opens the door to introducing a more active skin care routine as well and when they see results, their happiness (and less deep smile lines) are worth their weight in gold. I look at my clients from a holistic perspective and when we address some nutritional approaches that compliment their skin care routines I often find that they make lifestyle changes that really benefit their skin and health in general for the rest of their lives. That is how we, as estheticians, can really make a difference in our client's lives.
- Karyn Blanco, Owner/Esthetician, A Perfect Touch, LLC, Frisco, CO
Acne. I have a passion for helping those who suffer from acne. Therefore, I became certified via Face Realty in order to assist those who suffer. My goal is to help them regain their self-esteem so they can conquer the world and live their dreams. I start with education so that they understand what is happening with their skin. There is usually an "aha" moment because no one has ever explained this to them before. The products I recommend are proven and effective. Not every acne sufferer is treated the same. It is not a one size fits all program. I take pictures when treatment starts and pictures when their acne clears so that they can be reminded of how far they have come. I provide a treatment schedule to keep them on track and to remove the debris from their pores as their skin clears. I also provide a product useage schedule which is adjusted according to what their skin needs. I check in with them regularly to inquire as to their progress and make sure they understand everything. The end result is clear skin!
- Brenda Griffin, Owner/Operator, Faces Plus Skin Care and Acne Clinic, Tucson, AZ
Sun spots and I use Image Skin Care's Lightning or Bleaching Serum.
- Rachelle Cowden, Owner, Head to Toe Studio, Arvada, CO
My guesst want to know why their skin is dull-looking. We go over their daily routine. It comes down to wanting the healthy skin without spending any time at it. They want to spend as few minutes as possible to get the look.
- Patti Holman, Esthetician , SoPosh Spa, Meridian , ID
Acne--the constant breakouts they thought the older they got it would go away.
- Kay Wilkerson, Owner, Whispering Waters Facial Spa, Quitman, TX
Far and away the most common concern/complaint I hear in my skin care practice has to do with aging skin. How I address my client's concerns varies based on my findings after a thorough skin history and analysis. However, before I ever get into suggesting any skin care regimen, I educate the client about the natural processes of skin aging and the current state of the science/art of skin care. I find that by informing the client first, expectations of desired results are more realistic and adherence to skin care regimen is more successful. My goal is always on education with a particular emphasis on how to maintain ageless, healthy skin. Guiding the client through this process is empowering for her and very rewarding for me as a skin care professional.
- Christine Danse, Esthetician, Diva Day Spa, Cambria, CA
Dehydration. I use a moisture recovery mask and also address to my clients the reason their skin is dehydrated. The most common is from environmental factors, including heating and air conditioner in the home during the winter and summer months. Frequent hot baths and showers cause the lipids to break down in the skin, which will dehydrate the skin. Chemicals in soap products can reduce skin's moisture, as can sanitizing products.
- Courtney Stovall, Esthetician, Self-employed, Dallas, TX
Skin discolorations. I have a very FRANK educational session with the client and explain what the cause is/was what can be done by me and what HAS to be done by them. Compliance is the key to any skin care routine and you really have to impress that on your clients.
- Julia Avery, Esthetician, Skin Sense, Moore, OK
Hyperpigmentation, dark spots and premature aging. Clients need to be well-educated about the exposure to sun. It's not just about wearing sunscreen; it's about protection. I encourage clients beginning to notice significant hyperpigmentation to wear hats while outside or at the pool in combination with their sunscreen. Sunscreen can only shield so much, but a hat, like a straw hat with a wide brim all the way around, can offer shade over the face, ears, neck and décolleté. By minimizing this sun exposure, we can also help to slow down premature aging. A client took this advice, after having a breakdown in my consultation room, about her severe hyperpigmentation and the increase over the summer. She spent a lot of time taking the kids to the pool, but was only using sunscreen. After alternating microdermabrasion with chemical peels and putting her on a lightening cosmeceutical line, she had no signs of her pigmentation. She also stated that she had been wearing a hat nearly every day and was very happy with her results of less than two months. Now, it is important to note that not all clients will see results this quickly, however she trusted my guidance and product recommendations and followed through. A few extra minutes chatting with a client about their lifestyle and hobbies can give you great insight to the small changes they can make to give them the biggest impact.
- Skylar Baxter, Esthetician, Skin By Skylar, Austin, TX
My most common complaint from clients is hyperpigmentation. I like to know what the cause is, whether sun damage, acne scarring, or melasma. Then begin a peel series and/or microdermabrasion with a good home care regimen to help lighten the problem areas.
- Joanne Charron, Esthetician, Maxines Salon and Spa, Melbourne, FL
Hyperpigmentation is the most common complaint that I have in my treatment room. I address it by offering them a series of PCA peels for their skin and offering a complimentary facial. This has been working successfully.
- Sandra Martinez, Skin Therapist, Glique Spa & Beauty, Monterey Park, CA
Puffy eyes and dry skin
- DeAnn Jackson, Esthetician, Spoiled Spa and Salon, Vancouver, WA
Their main concern is hyperpigmentation. I help with improving their concern via a thorough skin care analysis, giving them facial treatments containing vitamin C and other antioxidants, and, most importantly, educating them on following a proper daily skin care regimen that includes protection from the sun with SPF 30+ and a series of professional facials.
- Adriana Lopez, Esthetician/Owner, Adri's Skincare, Munster, IN
Age spots, and we use laser to address them.
- Nancy Yee, Owner/Dentist, A Professional Dental Corporation , Santa Monica , CA
Wrinkles. We offer treatments such as injections, laser, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels for effective, long-term results.
- Courtney Stanley, Manager, Physician Skin Care, Idaho Falls, ID
Aging, aging, aging!! First and foremost, I explain to my beautiful clients that we always look for the imperfections, so stop looking so closely! Women tend to pick themselves apart and find the little things that are wrong that most people never notice. It's always important to be kind and gentle when clients are having aging issues; remember that we will all get there someday. I will always point out their beautiful assets and how to further enhance them, and then ask the client what bothers them the most and make recommendations from there. I do a lot of deep tissue massage, and clients will usually notice a difference in their skin immediately after that treatment, which is always exciting for them and me. Making sure that they understand a protocol is very important to me and important for their success. They always leave my office with my cell number because, in my opinion, no question is a stupid question. Some clients stress a bit before a deep peel, and I want them to know that they can count on me to get to get them to the results that they desire.
- Tina Kirch, Owner/Esthetician , Pure Skin, Stony Brook, NY
The most common skin complaint I hear is about hyperpigmentation; there is also much concern about uneven skin tone. The first thing I do to address this is to educate my clients about the conditions and what could be causing them. Next, I like to get them to fill out a consultation card to get some history. I then recommend a skin analysis before creating a treatment plan that is customized to their needs.
- Judy Garvin, Esthetician/Owner, Sensories Skin Care, Thornton, NH
Dry skin
- Tomika Washington, Owner, Fluidity Salon & Spa, Bartlett, TN