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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from September 2012.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What personal strength do you believe is most important for a skin care professional to be successful? Why?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!As a newly licensed skin care professional, I believe one must have a passion for skin and people. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then it will definitely come across in your education and application of product and services. As professionals, we are competing against a lot of over the counter products and brands, and the consumers are being sucked in. Most women I've come across have no idea of what an esthetican was. Because I love skin so much I am the poster child for skin care education. We must be disciples for our industry to go out and educate as many people as we can about proper skin care services and products. Tell them way OTC products are not as good as medical grade products, and why the four basic steps to cleansing are so important twice daily. For me, education, education, education is key in order to succeed and to not be afraid to think and grow outside the box. I have a nonprofit for teen girls entitled"Y-GLAM" (Young Girls Learning to Achieve Maturity) and in this program they go through skin care and makeup courses teaching how to maintain beautiful skin at the age of 12 and up. My ministry is teaching and by teaching these techniques becomes infectious to their peers and now I'm building and investing in the feature of beautiful skin of young teen girls who will become beautiful aging women.
- Jean Keys McKoy, Owner, La Bella Donna (The Beautiful Woman), Elk Grove, Ca
Hands down positive attitude! You can be book smart and have a ton of certificates on your wall from all of classes you've taken, but if your attitude is a will be spending a lot of time alone in your treatment room with your certificates! People are attracted to positive people.
- Shelley Hancock, Owner/Esthetician, Real Transformation Center, Foster City, CA
A personal strength that is of upmost importance is to be as personable and caring as possible. It is necessary to take an interest in each client and be honest about how you can help them and do your best to treat them as you would want to be treated.
- Michele Hall, Esthetician, , Farmingville, NY
Integrity. I believe when you put away all the hype, this is a personal business and people want someone they can trust and that cares.
- Lori Yeats, Owner/Esthetician, Soteria Skin, Bellaire, TX
Self motivation for ongoing learning to keep current on products, ingredients and new technology- knowledge instills confidence.
- Jay Garrett, Co-owner, Renu Massage Therapy, Ottawa, Ontario
The most important strength a skin care professional can provide to be successful is personal and professional care. It is utmost importance to make the client feel like they are the only person in the world when they come to you and giving them an informative, but relaxing treatment that will provide them with results is mandatory. Explaining their skin to them, and/or their problems and giving them the avenue to make the difference encourages repeat customers, and is great for referrals.
- Valinda Reeder, Esthetician, , Henderson, NV
I believe a skin professional can be successful in growing their business if they are patient and dedicated to their craft. Marking themselves and continuing their education and attending workshops and networking will help build business. Clients will come when they trust that you have dedicated yourself to being the best. If your work shows it, then the clients will come naturally.
- Anna Flores, Owner, Beauty by Anna, San Jose, CA
The most important strength that I feel is most important is the ability to make the client feel like they are the most important person in your life during the duration of their service. In this world where we don't take the time to know our neighbors and our social interaction is often through our computers, we have neglected the importance of personal, one-on-one interraction. Too often we're treated as a number. It's refreshing when someone knows our name and remembers that we like lemon in our water. It helps us feel truly connected to our world even if it's just for a moment.
- Kim Forkapa, Owner, The Wax Bar, Campbell, CA
Being a skin care provider for 20+ years I have come to realize two very important things throughout my journey. 1. Listen to your clients. It is so important that you communicate well with your clients and listen to what they have to say. I have found that without proper communication and "active listening" skills you can miss some very important details when doing your analysis of the skin. It makes it so much easier to up your sales while keeping clients happy! The client is paying good money for your expertise. Use your time wisely and keep the client in the spotlight. They will keep coming back for more quality treatments. 2. Knowledge. It can be overwhelming when you start to look at how much information is out there. Where do you start? Well there is no right or wrong place to seek knowledge. My goal has always been to not go through an entire day without learning at least one piece of new information that has to do with your industry that will help you improve your services and know your competition. Sign up for webinars, industry magazines, newsletters, make trips to your suppliers, speak to skin care professionals you admire and don't feel shy to ask questions, and attend trade shows, and seminars, even visit other spas that are direct competitors, or in a different league. But most importantly, do not let yourself become old school! Knowledge will keep you motivated and innovative!!! Be the best you can be!
- Tammy Garrett, Owner/Skin Care Professional, Tiamo Esthetics, Calgary, Alberta
Knowledge with the ability to listen to your client needs and want. Not your needs that client, but really understand what they see and what for their self. Knowledge is power to know different treatment and be able to design specific treatment programs for each and every client. But always have te ablity to hear your client and know that you have the best supporting knowledge to help them achieve their goal.
- Tami McClathey, Owner/Esthetician, Amira Aestthetics, Lincoln, NE
I think skin care professionals need to be compassionate. People are trusting themselves to our care. It is our duty to meet their needs, whether they be wrinkles, discoloration or just "me time."
- Karyn Lenhart, Owner, CMT, Esthetician, Nail Tech, Body, Skin and Nails by Karyn, Roseville, CA
Confidence is key in this industry. You need to be confident in your skills and also with your product line of choice. When you show your confidence in answering client's questions and recommending products for your client, then they know that you are a true professional and they can trust that you are giving them a great treatment and providing the right products for their skin concerns.
- Erin Daughhetee, Esthetician, Ta-Da Hair Salon & Spa, Chesterfield, MO
A CARING ATTITUDE: Listen to your client. Tailor the service to their exact needs. Make them very comfortable. Be creative each time. Make them laugh. Be genuine and grateful. ALWAYS thank your client! Clients definitely want great treatments with great benefits, but they also want pampering and compassion from the skin care professional. Whether it's an eye brow wax or facial treatment, I truly believe they want to feel good from the inside out and need the extra TLC from the professional. They will continue a long-standing relationship with the skin care professional for many years.
- Janice Jenkins, Esthetician, Mario Tricoci, Skokie, IL
Balance. The ability to balance personal and professional goals, the energy required to balance an entrepreneurial spirit with the internal peace required to calm a client, and need to establish a relationship with each client against the need to maintain personal boundaries. The truly successful skin care professional is a skilled juggler, a confident tightrope walker and a consummate acrobat, always able to achieve the balance necessary to enjoy what she or he does while continually seeking to build knowledge and skills.
- Sandra Landish, Esthetician/Proprietor, Bella Mobile Skin Care, Corvallis, OR
I think being honest to yourself and to your client is the key to success. Truly caring about your client skin, mind and spirit.
- Marcy Lipare, Esthetician, Beautiful Skin Care, Riverside, CA
Staying educated and communicating clearly what we know. Our ability to educate the client on how and why our services and products make a difference in the health of their skin is more important than ever with the barage of information hitting the media.
- Barbara Jones, President/Esthetician, Aurora Spa, Minneapolis, MN
I believe that as a professional skin care specialist connection to our client is the key to a sucessful outcome. Our responsibilty is to treat the clients concerns with our knowledge and expertise. Listening to their needs and having the connection to appropriate treatment protocols is beneficial as well as suggesting products with ingrediants that will assist in creating measurable change. Check in with the client each time you see them to get their take on how their skin has been since the last treatment. Review the clients past treatment and new products that they are utilizing to connect with them on a heartfelt level showing your experience and expertise. After all you are the skin care specialist.
- Sheron Turas, Owner/ Medical Skin Care Specialist, Jouvence Skin Spa, Scottsdale, AZ
I believe that confidence is most important for a skin care professional. I recently started my own little spa and it has been very tough starting out. Starting from scratch means a lot of investment. Confidence is key because I must stay strong in my belief that I will build a strong client base because I am a great esthetician and I know how to market my skills and products. I love my job and I am confident that things will only get better.
- Rachel Proper, Esthetician, Aloha Spa, Upperco, MD
Intuition. You need to be intuitive enough to sense what each guest needs. Does she need you to be quiet? Does she need to talk about her job? Does she need to be distracted from her life for a while? Missing the cues can ruin her experience and destroy your business.
- Tonya Atkinson, Esthetician, Tonic Salon Spa, Interlochen, MI
I believe a positive attitude and mindset are the most important. They affects everything from business decisions to increased revenue, to client satisfaction and retention. No matter what, if you are positive in the treatment room, your client will appreciate you and the service that much more. Before you know it, your positive attitude will bring positive outcomes!
- Natalie Boucher, Owner/Esthetician, Waxing By Natalie, Bakersfield, CA
First, the professional has to have a plan. That plan has to be a passion; a passion of love and caring for the client skin that will extend far beyond dreams can ever imagine. Secondly, the skin care professional has to be dedicated. Dedication dictates the skin care professional aspirations and goals. Thirdly; the skin care professional must be innovating. As the industry grows the skin care professionals can implement new ideas to succeed in the skin care products as well as a business owner.
- Bobbie Melton, Instructor, MelShae's, Montgomery, AL
Education and caring......I think that it is vital that a skin care professional is knowledgable and has the education to educate their client. Skin cancer is on the rise and that is why I feel that it is so vital. \Also, a client needs to be pampered and relaxed when they come in for any skin care service. Leave all of your personal problems out of the spa and totally focus on making your client feel like they are special. Guaranteed you will always have a clientele that knows you are the best and will always follow you. There are many things that make you successful but I feel that these two things are what makes a skin care professional and a human being successful.
- Deniece Barking, Barber Hairstylist/Skin Care Consultant, InStyle, Sheridan, WY
For me, I believe that compassion is the singularly most important personal strength for me to be successful as a skin care professional. Compassion allows me to relate to my client, to really get into their shoes and see their perspective - no matter what their skin care goals or concerns are. This allows me to better relate to my clients on a more personal and emotional level. In turn, I have stronger relationships with them, directly influencing their trust and openness towards treatment. I get excited with them and enthused when results are seen, and our skin care goals are achieved.
- Heather Robinson, Esthetician, Burke Williams, Long Beach, CA
CONFIDENCE! If you are confident in your skills, products and what you are doing, the client will trust you and listen to everything you say. If you are confident about putting bird poop on your clients skin, they will let you put bird poop on their skin all day long and will love you for it (and tell all their friends). Be proud of who you are and what you do!
- Tina Gauthier, Owner/Master Esthetician, Skin and Wax Studio, Springfield, VA
Patience and understanding the clients needs. Treating them the way they would want to be treated is the best strength to anyone in the field that that works with the body.
- Laura Alvarez, Owner, Got Massage, Los Angeles, CA
Empathy. You need to listen carefully and put yourself in your client's position when she talks about her experiences, beliefs and issues. Once you understand where she is truly coming from, you can address her with your head as well as your heart.
- Susan Thompson, Owner/Esthetician, Peels To The People, Portland, OR
Love of learning. I think being present with your client and learning from them is the most important personal strength for me. I'm a massage therapist and esthetician, everyone I touch I am aware of their individual needs and I listen to them and learn. The more I know, the better therapist and esthetician I will be for my next client.
- Cathy Drew, Massage Therapist/Esthetician, The Little Nell, Carbondale , CO
Listening to the client is very important. Letting them know you hear their concerns and address them. Following up with them after a treatment showing them that you care. Being honest with them. Letting them know they are the only ones that matter in this present moment.
- Aminata Tobias, Esthetician, Natural Body day spa, Stone Mountain, GA
This depends on how each individual interprets success. To some, it is financial gain, to some it’s the reward of helping others and I’m sure there are many more interpretations. I believe that to be successful in any business you need to possess a personal strength of compassion and kindness toward yourself as well as toward others. People make decisions based on emotions and then they throw in the facts and the analytical part. They also do business with you because of how you make them feel, not what you know. You can share your knowledge all day long but if they do not feel a connection with you they will go elsewhere. That being said, I think possessing a strong personal strength of compassion and kindness is most important.
- Brenda Griffin, Owner/Operator, Faces Plus Skin Care and Acne Clinic, Tucson, AZ
Out of our five senses, I believe that audio is the most important for a successful skin care professional. Many do not understand the difference between hearing and listening. So many times we 'hear' the words but are we really listening? Some of the things we should listen for is the urgency or lack of it in voice. Nervousness in discussing, with a stranger, her/his specific concerns. Is your client reciting the same phrases over and over because she's said them other professionals over and over or is she excited and simply repeating herself? There are so many aspects to truly listen to from self-consciousness to fear. A truly good listener has the ability to help a client overcome some of these issues so that they can continue with the task at hand.
- Brenda Romanow, Owner/Esthetician, Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, Buffalo, NY
Simply put, empathy. When, as skin care professionals, we are able to have empathy for our clients, we can create a more authentic connection with them. Putting yourself in their shoes allows you to approach the treatment plan from all angles.
- Lila Pettyjohn , Owner, a new leaf wellness, Fayetteville , AR
Knowledge is the most important strength because it allows you to offer services that are appropriate for each client and recognize those things that may require further investigation by a health care provider. To be the best skin care professional, you have to continue your education and stay up-to-date.
- Sandra Smith, Owner/Esthetician/Reiki Master/Nurse, Hands of Ki Holistic Center, Watertown, NY
The ability to be a conscious listener and example and responsible bedside manner. I feel these two things are the key to gaining trust with your clients as well as showing them you are serious about them and your professional obligation.
- Kirsten Johnson, Owner/Esthetician, Alaskalash & Aesthetics LLC, Anchorage, AK
It's important for a skin care professional to be empathetic to their client, because it builds trust. It also allows for the skin care professional to customize the experience for the client and in return you will have a client for life.
- Susan Wall, Esthetician, Hand and Stone, Philadelphia, PA
Having a good memory to remind and convince the customer follow regular appointment and keep customer's record for every visit.
- Lanhuong Nguyen, Manager, Pampered Nails and Spa, Pleasant Hill, CA
Educating a client about the physiology of the skin, the pores and products ingredients gives them valuable knowledge. With this knowledge they understand what you are doing and why. They will enjoy building their 'arsenal' of products, with your guidance, to master their home care. Which, in turn, makes them and you, successful in perfecting their skin. Beautiful skin builds confidence and, with confidence, comes personal power.
- Linda Aragon, Lead Clinical Esthetician, EliteMD Advanced Dermatology, Laser and Plastic Surgery Institute, Danville, CA
Genuine communication. In today's society every one can buy a home care skin supply. A professional needs to address clients skin concerns (sun damage, fine lines, congested skin, etc...)and deliver maximum care/result via of a reputable skin care line and positive communication. If you have people on your team who are sincere and enthusiastic, you will attract more clients and more revenue. Skin care professionals who are communicating effectively tranform the client who comes in the spa. After all, we crave touch and young-looking skin. Clients will value a skin specialist who listens well, addresses clients concerns and deliver relaxtion, improving their skin and overall well-being.
- Shirley Rose, Esthetician, Massage Envy, San Jose, CA
As a newly licensed skin care professional, I believe one must have a passion for skin and people. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then it will definitely come across in your education and application of product and services. As professionals, we are competing against a lot of over the counter products and brands, and the consumers are being sucked in. Most women I've come across have no idea of what an esthetican was. Because I love skin so much I am the poster child for skin care education. We must be disciples for our industry to go out and educate as many people as we can about proper skin care services and products. Tell them way OTC products are not as good as medical grade products, and why the four basic steps to cleansing are so important twice daily. For me, education, education, education is key in order to succeed and to not be afraid to think and grow outside the box. I have a nonprofit for teen girls entitled"Y-GLAM" (Young Girls Learning to Achieve Maturity) and in this program they go through skin care and makeup courses teaching how to maintain beautiful skin at the age of 12 and up. My ministry is teaching and by teaching these techniques becomes infectious to their peers and now I'm building and investing in the feature of beautiful skin of young teen girls who will become beautiful aging women.
- Jean Keys McKoy, Owner, La Bella Donna (The Beautiful Woman), Elk Grove, Ca
The most important strength a skin care therapist can posses is the ability to listen to her clients. Listening to their concerns, interests and life issues makes the client feel important and valued. When I am providing a treatment, my own world is cocooned around their wants and comfort. It is important not to be talking or thinking about yourself, because they are paying you!
- April Challman, Esthetician/Esthetic Instructor, Green Door Spa, Suquamish, WA
Patience!!!! You have to be patient with your client to figure out what her needs really are. If you fulfill your clients expectations they will continue to come back, and also bring referrals! In addition, making your guest feel her very best.
- Kelly Capitanio, Esthetics Director, Christina and Company Education Center, Lafayette , IN
Compassion for clients compels the skin care professional to give the best service to each individual, creating authentic bonds which keeps them coming back and spreading the word, thus building a more successful clientele.
- Beverly Young, Esthetician, b' Young Skincare, San Leandro, CA
I believe that the most important personal strength is believing in yourself. You first need to believe that you have the knowledge of being a skin care professional and teach your clients about their skin and knowing what is best for their skin when they are with you and when you recommend an at home treatment. If you believe in yourself, your clients will believe in you, and they will be your loyal customers.
- Colleen Scott, Owner, Serenity Salon & Spa, East Dundee, IL
As a skin care professional, I find it's important to be open and personable to your clients. Make them feel comfortable with you and listen to their concerns. Educate them in a manner that they understand.
- Kris Kabris, Esthetician, Hollywood Beach Salon, Oxnard, CA
Listening to our clients about the concerns they have about their skin. Helping them understand the causes of aging skin and how they can prevent the signs of aging skin with regular professional treatments and at home skin care with professional grade products. I like to combine knowledge with TLC in my treatment with each client.
- Jennifer Bunning, Esthetician, Valerie's Day Spa, Valley Springs, CA
I believe being intuitive is the most important personal strength for a skin care professional to be successful. We not only need to be instinctual about how to treat our client's skin issues and develop the proper treatment protocols for each individual, but we also need to stay educated and up to date on new treatments and products. There is so much information out there that esthetic professionals need to trust their gut on what is best to pursue for their business and clients.
- Lindsay Garric, Owner, fabYOUglam, Reno, NV
The ability to listen.You could be a sounding board, as people like to unburden themselves or a chance to upsell products/services if that is what they're looking for.
- Edward Tonus, Owner, Active Healing Centre, Toronto, Ontario
The most important personal strength is the ability to actively listen to the client's concerns and ultimate skin care goals.
- Carol Hankin, Esthetician/Owner, Carol Hankin Skin Care, Pittsford, NY
Adaptability is the most important strength a skin care professional can have to be successful. We need it not only in day-to-day operations to meet all the changes and unexpected events that can occur with clients, scheduling, equipment malfunction and any other number of things that can "go wrong" during the day, but also to learn and grow with the rapid advances within the science and technology within the industry. As products and modalities constantly change and become more sophisticated (as do our clients' knowledge and expectations) we must always be able to adapt and continue learning and accepting our clients requests, graciously, while maintaining a steady, confident and professional demeanor.
- Bernadette Frawley, Owner, Bernadette's Skin Spa, Ann Arbor, MI
I believe a skin care professional must be educated. In order for an individual to trust and rely on an esthetician for their continual skin care needs, they must believe that professional really knows what she or he is talking about. They need to be able to walk away from their appointment feeling that they know more about the health of their skin than when they walked into the appointment. Having those strengths as an esthetician allows you to be able to offer a diverse number of treatments; it allows you to understand treatments that perhaps a client has had in the pas;, and it allows you to grow further in your career as a professional.The industry is changing daily and staying on top of what's new has always proven to be an asset for me.
- Pamela Campbell, Director/ Medical Esthetician, Island Skin Boutique and Wellness, Marco Island, FL
I believe that having a passion for skin care as well as your client's well being is the biggest strength you can have! My passion drives me to be my best and to provide the best for my clients.
- Katie Benson, Esthetician, Advanced Skin Solutions, Folsom, CA
I believe the most important strength a skin care professional can have is to be a good listener. Hearing what your client's expectations are and understanding their personal needs is the beginning of a long, trusting relationship between a client and the skin care professional.
- Gail Romano, Owner, Excel Laser Skin Clinic, S. Weymouth, MA
Compassion and education. It's important for a skin care professional to have a strong knowledge for what they do, but to also care about each person who is on their table as if they were your mother, sister, aunt, best friend. Education is key to your success, however people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Love on them even when they are difficult. You never know what someone is going through in their life and they just need a little human touch. You can make such a difference in one hour of your client's day.
- Violet Gardner, Owner/Master Esthetician, Violet Aesthetic Centre, Fairhope, AL
I think the most important personal strength a skin care professional should have is the strength of listening. In order to make a client happy and to keep them as regulars, we need to give them results, and in order to give them the results they want, we need to really hear what they are saying. Some clients can be more difficult than others to decipher. We need to ask many questions and follow where their answers are going to find out what they're truly trying to achieve. Clients spend valuable time and money coming in for treatments and if they feel as though they are not being heard, they will either stop having treatments or go elsewhere. Having the patience to spend the time talking with clients will really get you far in the skin care industry. Not only will clients want to talk about their skin care, but they will also talk about their personal life. You don’t have to give advice or act like a therapist, just listening and hearing about their troubles (or good times) make the client more at ease and more comfortable with you as their skin care professional. The strength of listening can also follow you outside of the skin care room. Not only do we need to hear our clientele, we also should be listening to the skin care companies we are working with along with updated articles from magazines like Skin Inc. Any time my representative from the skincare line I use, Guinot, gives me advice I follow through with her recommendations and have much success. Same with the articles I read in Skin Inc. I get many ideas of new treatments, or different ways to sell product. I really hear the advice they are giving and I utilize it. You also need to listen to your employees or coworkers. Everyone thinks differently and they could have amazing ideas that could make your business and career that much more successful. Just listen, it can make or break your lifespan as a skin care professional.
- Kate Renda, Owner/Esthetician, Complexions, Leominster, MA
You have to be able to deliver a good service with results.
- Karon Fyffe, Esthetician, Indulge Day Spa, St. Albans, NY
To be tactful, but honest when discussing expectations and potential results with clients. It is tempting to overpromise. However, if the results do not live up to expectations, you will lose the client as well as potential referrals and your reputation as a professional.
- Sandra Guenette, Owner, spa one, Colorado Springs, Colorado
I think it is most important to be a good listener. No matter what we as estheticians see or think is the problem, no matter what products or treatments we use on our clients, if we don't take the time to thoroughly listen to the clients' concerns, they still leave unhappy making them unwilling to experience other beneficial treatments that may correct other issues they have about their appearance. Most importantly, you break any trust they may have with you or any other professional in this industry leaving them feeling as if you really didn't care for them as a person.
- Cassaundra Rainwater, Medical Esthetician, Eliashib, Seattle, WA
The personal strength I believe is the most important is to listen. It's not about whether you are having a bad day, or issues it's about the client and how to give the client the best treatment, service and the time they deserve. They want to know you are concerned with their needs, concerns and cares. Being able to seperate your personnel problems and give your client the best service and truly be concerned with them is the best personal strength.
- Chris Crotty, Owner, E2Skincare, Princeton, MN
Knowledge about all aspects of skin. Someone who knows that not only what you put on your skin is important, but what you put inside of your body is important, as well. Someone who is knowledgable about ingredients and product usage for skin. Gentle yet effective.
- Renee Maloney, Owner/Esthetician, LUSH SPA: Choice Skincare, San Diego, CA
I think confidence is one of the most important strengths to have. When you are confident in yourself and your work, the client will sense that and put trust in you, ultimately helping you create a successful business.
- Hilarie Mejia, Esthetician, Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, Dublin, CA
The most important personal strength that a skin care professional should have is knowledge or education. The more education you have, the more knowledge you have and the better the service you are able to give to your clients. This is important because, without education, more errors are made, including fungal infections, pedicure injuries, skin burns from incorrect product usage, the misidentification of skin tags, moles, blackheads or milia. The errors and damage can be irreversable both to your client and your business. You want to give your client only the best treatment that you can possibly give, and always maintain infection control and client safety.
- Bonnie Ward, Owner/Operator, Bonnie's Skincare and Esthetics, Salmon Arm, British Columbia
The personal strength that I feel is most important is to be a good listener. If you listen carefully to your clients' needs and concerns, and make sure that you address them, all your client will be happy. All clients like knowing that they are getting the treatment and advice that they asked and payed for. Listen, listen, listen.
- Kelly Brown, Esthetician, Kelly Brown Esthetics, Plumas Lake, CA
Willingness to learn is the most important strength for anyone, including skin care professionals. With a learning attitude, we are open to what is new and exciting, regardless of what our previous experience or training is. Learning keeps us fresh, motivated, sparks brain activity and helps us have new information to share--and customers always want to know "Where have you been? What have you done? What's new?"
- Susie Knight, Owner, Skin Care by Susie Knight, Leamington, Ontario
Curiosity. Stay curious, always asking more of yourself and your profession. Find out what is new, innovative and results-driven. Always asking how things can be done better and then enthusiastically introducing that to our clients. That is what has moved me for over 25 years in esthetics. My clients' trust is paramount.
- Lisa Hebert, Owner/Esthetician, Bella Aesthetics, Humarock, MA
I believe that being open-minded is a personal strength every skin care professional should possess in order to be successful in their profession. It is a very important trait to have because every who visits a skin care professional is doing so for different reasons and an open-minded approach to their needs and wants will help to create the right care for their skin.
- Jessica Brody , Esthetician , SkinCare OKC, Oklahoma City, OK
PASSION! PASSION! PASSION! And continued education. If you don't have the passion for your profession, you will not succeed. You will not be able to give 100% or more to your clients. If you don't have passion, you won't be interested in continued education, which brings knowledge and the ability to stay in top of new techniques, products and marketing strategies needed to succeed.
- Georgina Lopez-Garcia, Medical Esthetician, Refresh Medspa, Woodbridge, CA
Knowledge of your job and all of the aspects of your position are of the most importance. In order to truly help a client, you must know the skin and its funtions. Caring and being sensitive to your clients' issues and understanding them is very important, as well.
- Gregory Coltren, Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Spa, Apex, NC