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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from June 2012.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What wellness offerings do you provide in your skin care facility in addition to skin care services?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!At our studio, we offer M'lis Detox Body Wraps and Internal Cleansing kits. Along with these products and services, we also provide diet suggestions and some supplements. (Our resident waxing specialist is also a Roller Derby superhero and she has plenty of excercise and diet tips to share!) We also carry organic and all natural skin care products and share interesting articles and blog posts that we find through social media to keep our clients informed and to keep the conversation going. We strive to give our clients all the relevant information we can to help them achieve their best possible state of health while trying to make if fun, too. No lectures, no judgement, just information and education along with the best services that we can provide.
- Virginia Trujillo, Owner, La Bonne Vie Skin Studio, Chandler, AZ
Massage and Reiki
- Lynn OConnor, Owner/Esthetician, Skinplicity, Englewood , CO
I provide a customized written skin care management plan. I also provide a free diagnostic and consultation on whatever skin care products the client is using: "bring me what you are using and we will go through each product step by step and discuss ingredients and if it is working for you or not." Overall wellness and health is my goal for each of my clients. They are pearls and each one is special and unique. Inner health and outer beauty is my mission.
- Heidi Lenz, Owner, Heidi Lenz Skincare, Waialua, HI
We provide proper skin care techniques, a monthly review of products being used, and a diet and fluid intake review.
- Patricia Scott, Owner/Operator, I Love Your Beatiful Face, Forest Park, IL
Nutritional counseling as part of the skin care treatment plan
- Constance Bieshada, CEO, Personal Skincare Consultant, LLC, Willoughby Hills, OH
Earvcandling and aqua chi' foot treatments
- Judy McIntyre, Owner/Esthetician, House of Esther, Ridgefield, WA
I offer Biofreeze for sore muscles/arthritis for purchase; also to use in back treatments.The Himalayan Salt Inhaler has also been a big hit this spring with allergy season upon us. It cleanses the respiratory system, as well as sinuses. The foot detox system with the array is also popular in detoxing the system, especially after a vacation when your eating habits are not the best.
- Robin Olmsted, Owner/Esthetician, Uptown Skin, Murfreesboro, TN
Hot stone massage
- Sarah Post, Esthetician, Amato, Tinley Park, IL
I offer Ganoderma green tea, which has health benefits, as well as organic hand scrubs.
- Linda Brigance, Esthetician, Pamper Me Hair and Spa/Soothing Touch Esthetics, Berkeley, IL
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
- Tracy Thaden, Esthetician/Medical Assistant, Face to Face, Stratham, NH
A brief list of our services includes organic skin care services, massage, organic body treatments, gentle body waxing, facial and eyebrow threading, aging analysis and nutritional counseling.
- Sandra Guenette, Owner, Spa One, Colorado Springs, CO
We offer therapeutic massage, foot scrubs with warm, steamed towels, and paraffin wraps for hands and feet. Aromatherapy is provided during all our services, as well as relaxing music and great atmosphere. Shoulder, hand and feet massages are offered with our 90-minute facial, as well as a very positive outlook and attitude toward all our clients.
- Larae Irwin, Owner, Carpe Diem, Massage and Skin, Petaluma, CA
Mind, body and spirit cleansing to rejuvenate the mind and spirit. I usually will treat the client to this service after a mask using essential oils to cleanse the spirit.
- Voshawn Parker, Esthetician, Voshawn Parker INC., Roswell, GA
We offer hot stone therapy massage, a foot detox service and an ear candling service. Clients are also referred to an acupuncturist who is next door, when needed.
- Mercedeh Reynolds , Owner, It's About You Salon & Spa, Cheboygan , MI
We provide back facials, body wraps, body scrubs, hand and foot treatments with parafin wraps, sugaring hair removal and waxing, mineral makeu and lash and brow tinting. We also use BT Micro Moisture readers in our skin analysis. We are a school and like to get as much to the students as we can before they leave for the real world.
- Norma Cheney, Esthetics Instructor, Paroba Hair, Skin, Nails College, Bothell , WA
Reiki, acupressure, ear candling, herbal body wraps, colloidal silver nebulizer treatments and everyone goes home with a bottle of purified water or a cup of organic herbal tea!
- Daphne Keplinger-Myers, Owner, Lakeshore Natural Skin Care, Zeeland, MI
Custom-blended aromatherapy products and nutritional supplements
- Anita Ricca, Owner, Ricca Face and Bodycare, Houston, TX
Acupuncture for slimming
- Listoani Wirjotanojo, Physician, LIZ Skin&Slimming, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
We have a full array of passive exercise machines. These machines help our aging clients improve circulation and maintain a better quality of life.
- Jo Ann Diaz, Esthetician, Palm Beach Skincare, Delray Beach, FL
The biggest wellness offering I provide at my spa is information! I allow my clients to e-mail me their skin care questions and check my e-mail several times a day to answer the questions. I also have an open door policy. If the door is open, I'm always here to answer your questions. I find educating my clients gives them the results they want and in turn I gain their trust.
- Tiffany Ellsworth, Esthetician, Sweet Dreams Esthetics, Phoenix, NY
Our mission is to prevent illness and improve the overall health of our community. We do this through education services and support to help people live a healthier life. We do free skin cancer checks, and educate people on diabetes, eye health and blindness. Our staff will go out and do health fairs. We educate people/patients on diet and nutrition and how to live strong.
- Theresa Houchin, COA/medical asetician, Facial and Skin Aesthetics at Elko Eye Center, Las Vegas, NV
At our studio, we offer M'lis Detox Body Wraps and Internal Cleansing kits. Along with these products and services, we also provide diet suggestions and some supplements. (Our resident waxing specialist is also a Roller Derby superhero and she has plenty of excercise and diet tips to share!) We also carry organic and all natural skin care products and share interesting articles and blog posts that we find through social media to keep our clients informed and to keep the conversation going. We strive to give our clients all the relevant information we can to help them achieve their best possible state of health while trying to make if fun, too. No lectures, no judgement, just information and education along with the best services that we can provide.
- Virginia Trujillo, Owner, La Bonne Vie Skin Studio, Chandler, AZ
Full spa services, facial wax, massage, mani pedis
- Veronica Hulsey, Skin Care/Nail Tech, London, Eugene, OR
Reiki, yoga and personal training
- Colette Weier, Instructor/Esthetican, Foxy Spa, Burton, MI
I educate my clients on the benefit of eating a "clean" diet; eliminating processed food and chemical laden snacks. I encourage proper hydration. All of the best products will have fantastic results, but it starts on the inside.
- Deborah Petersen, Owner, Deborah Petersen, Fresno, CA
We offer acupuncture, reflexology, therapeutic massage, the Indigo Biofeedback, the Q2 Befe Detoxifying Footbath and color therapy. We also are proud to offer holistic health coaching.
- Liz Havens, President, Skin Renewal Systems, Inc, Marco Island, FL
Massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and private medium readings
- Jennifer Hawton, Owner/Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Skintelligent, Colorado Springs, CO
I provide nutritional supplements that my clients can purchase. I am also a massage therapist, so I can combine massage and facials at the same time. They appreciate this service. I offer to loan out my books on health for them to read, increasing knowledge for their benefit. I like to suggest websites that are down by reputable doctors also for their information. Education of our clients is important and have found they appreciate same since it is suggested not pushed on them. Also keep excellent health magazines on the waiting area table.
- J A Phelan, CEO, To Life Naturally Wellness Spa, Bakersfield, CA
We offer massage therapy in addition to electroylsis. We offer treatment plans to follow to provide our clients the best solution to their personal skin conditions. We inspire woman to look there best. When you look good you feel good.
- Peggy Bortell, Owner, Facials etc., Homosassa, FL
My clients vary in lifestyles. I have a few clients who are going through serious life illness, breast cancer and a hysterectomy has left one of my clients in great despair and pain. She has reached out to me for advice to help with her pain. After some research, I have found certain aromatherapy oils offer some relief. I would say that my clients inspire me to be more than just their esthetician, and that allows me to offer more than just a facial service.
- Aileen Rego, Esthetician, Skin Care by Aileen , Temecula, CA
Wellness is the epicenter of the guest's experience at Asanda Spa where I work as a skin therapist! We are an Aveda concept spa--rooted in ayurvedic therapies--so we often discuss a "whole"-istic approach to skin care. We offer hand massage rituals, sensory journeys (with singular notes like lavender, vanilla, tea tree, bergamot, etc.) and warm/cool towels for the feet at the beginning of any treatment. We believe a body that is in balance is a healthy body; therefore, we strive to restore wellness and balance within each guest we have the pleasure of working with.
- Jessica Arnaudin, Esthetician, Asanda Spa, New York, NY
We offer Rolfing, spa manicure and pedicures along with reflexology. We have also begun offering weekly meditation classes and discussions on leading a balanced life. Our business name is Peace of Mind Skin & Body Care, and we promote peace of mind as a way of life through self-care (treatments) and education.
- Wendei Spale, Owner/Esthetician, Peace of Mind Skin & Body Care, Studio City, CA
Our business model is based on skin care and wellness services. We offer meridian stress assessment, far infrared saunas, foot detox baths, meditation classes, weight loss seminars, acupuncture and thermography. To further assist clients with their wellness, we offer a 30 day candida and a 30 day wellness detox program, access to a chiropractor, personal trainer, and a holistic doctor! We must help clients address the internal to get better results on the external.
- Dawn Warner, Owner/Wellness Consultant, Skin and Body Harmony, Stone Mountain, GA
Aromatherapy, extended regimen and makeup education. Information on local yoga, Zumba and relaxation classes to extend across network.
- Josie Lara, Esthetician, Polished by Lara, Hayward, CA
- Larnette Doi, Owner/Esthetician, Maluhia Skincare, Mililani, Hi
We offer therapeutic massage, Reiki, life coaching and nutritional counseling. We also do a rain drop technique with therapeutic grade essential oils and wide range of facials. My location is inside a fitness and wellness center that is run by RWJ teaching university hospital.
- Charles Marr, Owner, A Vizzible Difference LLC, Perth Amboy, NJ
I just graduated school last week and started my job the very same day! We are a spa that only does massage and skin care, and I really like this because we only focus on relaxation and healing.
- Elizabeth Poiana, Esthetician, Massage Envy Spa, Quincy, MA
In addition to skin care, our spa offers medical weight loss. It is important to take care of the entire body as a whole, inside and out.
- Crystal Buzbee, Lead Esthetician, Tranquility Weight Loss and Med Spa, Gibsonton , FL
We offer massage, which is huge contributor to total body wellness. Not only for relaxation, massage helps boost your body's immune system, lymphatic system and lowers stress levels.
- Amber Mecum, Esthetician, Zazu, Wheaton, IL
We do education about skin cancer prevention and detection of all the diferent skin cancers.
- Tina Pickett-Baisden, Owner/Physician, Bingham Farms Dermatology, Bingham Farms, MI
We offer several massage modalities. Esalen Massage is for those needing to reconnect mind, body and spirit through long, slow, smooth strokes that flow continuously throughout the body and for those who need to awaken their sense, we offer Tui-Na with cupping, hacking, rocking techniques. And for those with problematic areas, we offer deep tissue.
- Debra Fazio, Owner/Esthetician, BodyBlissTime Massage and Skincare, Tulsa, OK
We offer massage therapy, which consists of the following modalities: LaStone Therapy, Swedish, deep and neuromuscular techniques, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, Reiki, aromatherapy and rain drop therapies. We have an acupuncturist and a reflexologist.
- Romina de Aragon, Owner, Skin and Body Care by Romina, Wheat Ridge, CO
We offer acupuncture. It can ease so many problems by treating the underlying cause of the symptoms, helping the body get back into balance.
- Donna Longo, Owner, Bronze Beauties, Melbourne , FL
I perform a relaxing massage technique while tje client is laying back down, I massage under the neck using clients body weight as the pressure and I start mid-way down the back all the way up through the top of the neck, that keeps them coming back.
- Mary Osorio, Owner, Renew Skin Care, Walnut Creek, CA
Reflexology and nutritional counseling
- Jackie Aldridge, Esthetician, Cloister Sea Island Spa, Folkston, GA
Therapeutic massage therapy
- Maria Ciurciu, Owner, Maria's Skin Care, Fanwood, NJ
We offer the zerona Laser for the loss of 3 to 9 inches of fat over two weeks, cold laser smoking cessation, physician-guided weight loss, body scrubs and massage.
- Garry Jennings, Owner, Toscana Medispa, Baltimore, MD
Our skin care practice is first and foremost a total wellness practice. Along with skin care services, our spa also specializes in nutrition, mind/body fitness, including yoga and Pilates, pink ribbon-rehab exercise therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, massage therapy and bodywork treatments.
- Nikki Thomas, Owner/Esthetician/Fitness Specialist, NHS Wellness Spa, Houston, TX
Massage therapy, facials, micro, skin peels, hair removal, body wraps, scrubs, cellulite treatments, 100% natural spray tanning, detox treatments such as colon therapy, oxygenated and herbal steam therapies, infrared heat therapy, ion cleanse detox foot bath, therapeutic baths, lymphatic drainage, ear candling, Vichy rain shower, shirodhara and other ayurvedic treatments, manicures, pedicures, hand/foot treatments, back treatments, spa parties, raw and vegan food prep classes, holistic nutritional counseling, holistic health classes, hypnotherapy, hypnomassage and more, both in-spa and mobile services.
- Lisa Weeks, Owner, Love Thyself Day Spa, Richardson, TX
In addition to skin care products, I offer makeup services and training for clients who need a little "tweak" on their application. As a way for my clients to express themselves after getting great skin care for their home regimen and makeup application, I also offer photography services for that final touch!
- Masha Prasoloff, Owner , Masha Ana Studios, Honolulu, HI
We provide back pain relief, massages,consulting and education to improve health.
- Barb Arrow, Manager, Beauty Institute, Rosebud, MO
We have a fitness center attached to our spa that offers personal training, bootcamp, yoga, Pilates, as well as a gym. At the spa, we offer detoxifying body scrubs and chakra-balancing massage. We offer several types of massage for better wellness.
- April Vezina, Esthetician, Crystal Spa, Mesick, MI
When noticing a client with a certain skin issue, I encourage lifestyle changes. More of a certain fruit that is high in the same organic nutrients in their skin care products. Also, I like to encourage clients to spend time with friends, being active, anything to keep their spirits lifted while allowing them to de-stress in a healthy environment. I am careful to only suggest additional fruits and suggest talking to a doctor or homeopathic practitioner for i- depth diet changes. I like to remain within the scope my license to practice here in CA.
- Soynia Cosby, Owner, Nude Beauty, Tulare, CA
I am a Reiki II practitioner and Reiki is my second most popular service. I also offer foot reflexology and that combined with Reiki creates a wonderful and very healing experience. I am a certified spiritual aromatherapist and incorporate oils into pretty much every service, depending upon the client's needs. Most recently I became a student of Jin Shin Do facial acupressure as well. Clients take full advantage of my variety of services and combinations, and I get to feed my soul by doing the work I love. I am truly the luckiest person in the world.
- Ann Garthwaite, Owner/Esthetician, SOULSTICE skin body mind, Brodhead, WI
We offer a dietary consult and alternative medicine, including acupuncture.
- Robert Maisel, HFA , HFA Skin and Sinus, Minneapolis, MN
Nutrition and weight management, internal medicine and pediatrics along with skin health
- Debbie Kneece, Medical Esthetician, IMP Wellness, Crystal River, FL
I like to have my clients start by inhaling and exhale using aromatherapy to help them to relax. I also wake them up using it as well. I also talk to my clients about taking time for themselves, just get quiet and close their eyes for a few minutes.
- Sharon Nunex, Owner, Esti Spa and Wellness, Mckinney, TX
We provide massage therapy, UV-free tanning, vitamins and supplements and nail care services.
- Deanna Seagraves, Owner, Rejuvenating Touch, Dublin, OH
Microderm, ultrasonic and microcurrent
- Ana Maria Howard, Esthetician, am pm spa, Sherman Oaks, CA
Massage, body wraps and detoxification programs
- Michelle Tucker, Owner, Epiphany Wellness, Temple Hills, MD
We consult with our patients and build results-focused treatment plans built around personal goals which may include diet tips; step-by-step at-home care for pre and post procedures; creating relationships with lifestyle coaches; and referrals to specialist when needed. We tailor our treatment plans regularly based on patients' feedback and results and re-adjust their treatment plans as needed to provide optimum results. We offer hair removal, vein treatments, vibra-derm, blue light therapy, laser facials, customized chemical peels, facial, ultherapy, cosmetic injectables, skin cancer education and reconstruction, and rosacea and psoriasis treatments.We address all cosmetic and dermatalogical skin care needs for our patients.
- Kimberly Patterson-Palmieri, Office Manager/Medical Esthetician, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center, Marietta, GA
There are so many peripheral services that are helpful and support our skin care services. These include, 'baggy note' inserted with their purchases that could include a new ingredient and its benefit for skin. A reminder to take their internals to help assist with their overall health, informational seminars such as the 9.5 pH drinking water benefits for those who don't feel benefits from tap 7 pH water. Twice a year newsletters with information on how the body works with certain treatment procedures. Everyone wants to learn about themselves and know what there is out there!
- Brenda Romanow, Owner/Esthetician, Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, Amherst, NY
Chiropractic, thermography and detoxification
- Dr. Anand Chaudhry, Physician, Dr. A. Chaudhry DC, DABCT, Sunnyvale, CA
We offer eco-armour products.
- Zoe Benzinger, Esthetician, Liu-Liu Salon , Annapolis, MD
My skin care facility is small so our biggest wellness offering would be that we truly take a hands on approach to our services. We usually only one facial machine and it is just an 8-in-1 machine. We offer a variety of services from a manual microderm peel to a four-layer facial all done with the work of the mighty hand. We yield great results and clients love feeling pampered. Our facials are also booked on the hour and a half so the esthetician is not rushed through her service. In a down economy, we have managed to show 20% growth or more per year with new clients coming each day. I think clients appreciate the individual attention and hands-on service.
- Marguerite Holland, Esthetician/Spa Coordinator, Xentrik Beauty Lounge, Roselle, IL
Custom-blended aromatherapy oils, guided meditations, homeopathic remedies, hand and foot treatments, body treatments
- Elizabeth Ryan, Owner, Esthetics By Elizabeth, Tampa, FL
Massage and paraffin hand treatments
- Brenda Layman, Esthetician, Facial Expressions, Fort Collins, CO
My patients mean the world to me! So, I like to make sure they have a rewarding treatment with me as well as increase the health of their skin and bodies at home. Our facility offers a line of detoxing vitamins and minerals that promote better cell turnover and organ function. One of the skin care lines we covet is Vivite. The product are glycolic-based, but also have an abundance of antioxidants that are great for the body and the skin. Another great perk to our facility is critiquing our patients' diets with more organically grown foods, low sodium and low sugar intake diets. I promote wellness by cleansing the mind as well as the body. In doing so I take extra special care of my patients by getting to know them, their situations and their expectations. We then make a game plan for treatments. The process sometimes take time to get the initial results, but I am with them every step of the way. I always maintain a positive outlook with my patients for their emotional wellness and support.
- Kelly Flammia, Medical Esthetician/Makeup Artist, The New England Facial and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Tewksbury, MA
We offer reflexology and full body massage to help clients with their overall health needs. The reflexology in particular is a wonderful holistic therapy to aid clients who are looking for more natural altenatives to assist in their overall health. We serve clients on a regular basis who suffer or have suffered with arthritis, migranes, lyme disease and diabetes. These clients have been healthier and pain-free, which brings more peace to their lives.
- Michele Bandy, Esthetician, Bladerunner, Westminster, MD
We offer Body Parafango wraps and massage, reflexology foot massage, Reiki and chakra balance, and facial and body soundscapes with vibrational healing, as well as a counselor on staff for mental health care, addiction and depression.
- Denise Nahat, Owner, Imagery Skin Care Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Hair and airbrush tanning
- Krystn Evert, Owner, True Glow , Elmhurst, IL
I am fortunate to work at a destination spa/resort that focuses on wellness because my approach to skin care embraces a holistic view point. I include nutrition education, herbal remedies, acupressure and energy-balancing in my facial treatments. Knowing that the skin is a reflection of the overall health of the client, I find that understanding things like face mapping, the Chinese meridian system, as well as nutritional theory is helpful in tracking down the possible causes of an imbalance reflected in the skin. Discussion about the mind/body connection, stress and lifestyle can help the client make better choices. Other wellness offerings in the spa that assist clients with the their overall well-being are first and foremost soaking in the wonderful, natural hot springs. This is usually done before receiving one of the many spa treatments available. Choices include a variety of massage techniques, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ahshiatsu, Thai Massage, Cranial-Sacral, Hot Stone and Lymphatic Massage. Also available are Reflexology, Ear Candling, Aromatherapy, Yoga and Reiki, as well as body scrubs, polishes, facials and other skin care treatments. It is wonderful to see people experience this full compliment of wellness services and how it positively effects their well-being.
- Dayna Logan, Esthetician, Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa, Truth or Consequences, NM
I provide clients with a tranquil environment and sound education. I would like my clients to leave my facility spirited, encouraged and refreshed.
- Angela Powell, RN/Esthetician, StatSkinCare, Crown Point, IN
I like to provide products that contain only natural ingredients! My clients are becoming so in-tune to the ingredient list that are on the bottles of their skin care and cosmetic products. They simply care about the planet and how products are manufactured, what ingredients are going on their skin. I try to accommodate them by providing state-of-the-art natural skin care and cosmetics. I provide them with plenty of literature via magazine articles and pamphlets that support their ideas.
- Cynthia Hefner, Skin Care Specialist, Planet Beautiful Cosmetics, Tamms, IL
Refelxology, anti-cellulite wraps, ionic foot detox, detox and weight loss programs
- Estell Myers, Owner, Naturally Well, Reno, NV
Vitamins and supplements
- La Tricia Goncalves, Owner/Medical Esthetician, Aesthetics Studio - Facial Health Clinic, Hilmar, CA