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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from March 2012.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What is your favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry? Why?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!My favorite way to keep on top of trends is to continually educate myself by reading skin care publications on a monthly basis. I am also on the web searching and studying not only brands, but also techniques for addressing skin care problems such as VPL, microdermabrasion and body treatment. My clients in this day and time are very knowledgeable, so I feel the need to be on top of my game. I also take hands-on classes on a yearly basis, which also include makeup education and techniques. I believe I can always learn something new to improve the quality of care I give my clients in the medical spa.
- Darla Lordemann, Esthetics/Makeup consultant/VPL specialist, Piedmont Health Group/Radiant Aesthetics, Greenwood, SC
I like to follow science reports in The Wall Street Journal, PubMed, Nature and various journals. Largely because I don't care about trends unless they actually work. I also watch what's happening in the EU through health and beauty sections since their annexes seem to keep EU beauty slightly ahead of the of curve.
- Chase Polan, Owner, Lady of Moore, Scottsdale, AZ
To keep on top of trends in the skin care industry, I subscribe to the leading magazines such as Skin Inc., GCI and Dermascope. I also utilize the forums where I can get a feel of what other skin care professionals are asking or sharing. I also follow companies via Twitter to see what's new and trending. I attend professional events yearly. I keep in touch with other professionals and go for a nice power lunch or dinner to keep up.
- Annabelle Ramos, Owner, Beauty Moves LLC, Hollis, NY
I do my best to attend as many continuing education classes as possible, even from lines I respect but may not carry. That way I can find out what the latest ingredients and trends are. Then I go home and do a lot of independent research to form my own unbiased opinions.
- Liz Savage, Owner/Esthetician, Savage Skin Care, Sacramento, CA
The Internet, Allure magazine, SpaFinder, Spa magazine and The Wall Street Journal
- Richard Foxx, Medical Director, The Medical and Skin Spa, Indian Wells, CA
Advanced education of any sort is the key to not only staying informed, but it also allows you to meet other people in the industry, gain other perspectives and techniques, and possibly see or hear about trending services and products. I actually just attended a wonderful chemical peel class and in the process learned about new innovative spa services for the body. I read everything I can get my hands on, I visit skin care websites, attend education classes, and can't wait for the yearly beauty shows. There are so many ways to stay on top of trends and you really have to be involved in all aspects. The ability to continue to learn is why I love this industry!
- Tracy Martin, Esthetician, True.Simple.Beauty, Chandler, AZ
The Web. What other resource gives you so many options for education. It is a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips. I can't tell you the number of times I've Googled info for a client right in the treatment room.
- Danielle Dumont, Lead Esthetician, Anthony Johns Day Spa, Old Town, ME
By continuing my education and learning more about the skin.
- Nima Shorter-Houston, Owner, M.B.N., Phoenix, AZ
I read the trade magazines avidly and try to implement what is both practical and in keeping with my own philosophy and intent in my practice. As my focus is on holistic skin care, I am always interested in incorporating effective, noninvasive, healing treatments into my existing menu, and always on the lookout for the best natural products.
- Devika Gordon, Owner, Skin Bliss with Devika, Sedona, AZ
I read as many industry publications as I can, search online for related topics and information, and attend professional shows and events whenever possible. Estheticians have many resources available to us, and we owe it to ourselves, and our clients, to take advantage of as many of them as we can.
- James Mason, Esthetician, James Mason Skincare, Las Vegas, NV
I keep on top of trends in various ways, whether it be through online reading ( is my favorite!) and magazine articles. My favorite way and they way I feel I benefit most is by attending seminars, trade shows and continuing education classes. I love actually being able to see new products in action, being able to ask questions and learning with hands-on demonstrations.
- Jennifer Sanchez, Owner/Esthetician, Fancy Face, Gurnee, IL
Skin Inc. of course!
- Gianine Gesler, Esthetician, Living Proof Longevity Centre, Fayetteville , NY
I find that reading Skin Inc. and other online sources helps me keep up on what works, what's new and what is in demand. Then I love to find videos or courses that teach me more about how things work and why. I have found that people like to talk to me about skin care, and I am a good listener so that I can understand common concerns and can further develop ways to continue to think out of the box. One thing I have learned is that you must never stop learning and researching. My bottom line and philosophy is the more you know about ingredients, techniques and skin the better services you can provide to clients.
- Sandra Smith, Owner/Esthetician/Nurse/Reiki Master, Hands of Ki, Adams, NY
Reading Skin Inc., and other magazines and online sources.
- Sarah Thomas, Director of Sales, Meg 21, Jenkintown, PA
As a working esthetician and the owner of an advanced training center, I like to keep up on what other estheticians are having success with. The companies selling their product or equipment will tell us they are awesome, but I want to hear that straight from someone using it. I keep up on the forums to hear from the horses mouth ... so to speak!
- Shelley Hancock, Owner/Esthetician, Real Transformation Center, Foster City, CA
Networking with other estheticians and reading Skin Inc. magazine!
- Pamela Lapointe, Esthetician/Nail Tech, AndreaStevens Hair Design, Peabody, MA
Taking day courses, reading skin and spa magazines and visiting different spas. Why ... because I feel that today's consumers are very knowledgable and know what they want and they themselves keep on top of the trends of the skin care industry. So you have to be prepared for them.
- Louella Williams, Owner/Esthetician, Escape Spa & Boutique, Claymont, DE
I don't necessarily like the word or image of trends as I feel they are just that--trends. What I do keep on top of is educating myself on products and their functions/how they treat the skin. I feel there is no one-size-fits-all method to skin care. Everyone has skin, and it's all special to the individual; therefore, everyone needs to learn exactly what their skin is like, what it responds to and why. I feel if they take a little time to educate themselves, they will be more apt to take better care of their skin. I tend to be very simplistic when talking about skin, and I try to compare it to something they understand; for example: You cannot put oil in your car one time and expect it to run great for a year. You also cannot do a microdermabrasion one time and expect it to look great for six months. Education is key. I educate myself via Skin Inc. magazine, lot's of online education and attending skin care classes with individual companies.
- Stacy Overcamp, Owner, Pretty Please Skincare, Danville, CA
I voraciously read anything I can get my hands on about ingredients. I research ingredients daily. Then I look for companies that are incorporating ingredients with success. I read reviews from consumers to see if people like the products and if they deliver what they promise. Finally, I am my own guinea pig, and I have to try them myself. I am very savvy with ingredients and marketing gimmicks, as a result, and have educated myself to be a results-oriented skin therapist.
- Simms Brooks, Professional Skin Therapist, The Treatment, North Hollywood, CA
My No. 1 favorite way is to go to a seminar/conference. Other than that, I like to read books by doctors and experts, trade magazines and webinars.
- Isabel Clemente, Owner/Esthetician, The Cotton Flower Skin Care, King, NC
Read and educate myself. I am constantly reading dermatologist blogs, beauty blogs and beauty magazines for what is new in the market, and what the trends are. I also do periodic research on specific ingredients so that I am well-versed in that area; for example, for acne, I read up on all the ways to treat it and then I get specific about the most common types so that if a client asks me questions, I am well-prepared. I will be able to tell them if salicylic acid vs. benzoyl peroxide or sulphur is best suited for their skin and why.
- Caterina Marra, Lead Esthetician, Tribeca Beauty Spa, New York, NY
I always ask my clients what their favorite new product is! Also, BirchBox ... it keeps me up to date and I love trying new products!
- Vaungaylyn Zarcone, Esthetician, Studio Phi, Reno, NV
I believe the best way to keep on top of any and all trends is to watch videos and movies from Europe. I know it may sound strange, but it's so true. If you watch what they are doing during a random girls night out, you will hear them always say what spa they want to try and and the treatment that is hot for that time period. I know that I always like to see what is new in other countries and the people that offer the treatments. Indy is hot right now and anything they want the United States to know is shown in their movies. So go out and rent or watch a great new movie that will help you know what is going to hit America next.
- Lynn Stone, Owner, It's All Sole To Me , Hendersonville, TN
Professional publications such as Skin Inc., LNE and Dermascope have definitely kept me on the front lines of this ever-developing industry.
- Regina Ventimiglia, Owner, Regina's Total Spa Services, Philadelphia, PA
Conventions! Besides attending many educational classes and browsing all the new products offered by vendors, it is great to network with other professionals in your field. I am also a huge fan of what I like to call research. Taking the time to visit other spas and facilities keeps you on top of your own game while enjoying the pamering in the process.
- Kirstin Eldredge, Owner/Esthetician, Kiki's Spa, Tavernier, FL
I watch ads on TV and surf the web looking for trends in skin care. We also have training seminars with the skin care companies that our company deals with. I am always on the look out for anything new on the news or talk shows. I enjoy finding out everything there is to know about skin care.
- Diane Garrigus, Beauty Department Manager, CVS Pharmacy, Haverhill, MA
My favorite way to keep on top of trends is by reading trade magazines on my downtime in between clients. I don't ever want to be caught off guard when a client asks me what I think of this procedure or that product. I don't get a lot of time away as I'd like to be able to attend classes or trade shows so the next best thing is reading Skin Inc or MedEsthetics. Those are my favorite go-tos every month. I keep every issue, and I bookmark topics that I find interesting. If I ever need to refer back at a later date, all I have to do is look at my bookmarks. When my co-workers are paging thru USWeekly or People magazine, I just go in my room, shut my door and pull out my most recent trade magazine and give it a whirl. You can't beat learning while you're on the clock!
- Jennifer Thatcher, Esthetician , The Vein Care Center, Oak Park , IL
My favorite way to stay on top of all trends is to survey my employees at our monthly staff meetings. The start of each quarter is a great time to ask them to do their homework and bring ideas for the next season. By reviewing their ideas and brainstorming about how to apply trends to our region and its particular concerns, we have really generated some mind-broadening conversations and energetic specials! The creation aspect of the process also generates staff feelings of buy-in, which means they are more likely to really push the treatments so their ideas become successful.
- Ramona Lacy, Business Manager, Lotus Spa Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI
I take a few updated college science course each year to get a better perspective of how things are changing. Taking industry classes when they are offered are always a must. I check out topics from the daytime doctor shows to see what clients feel they are learning so I can educate them with all the facts, letting them know about these topics. Always learning, reading and educating with all the available resources (web, videos, manuals and books).
- Tracy Bolsinger, Owner/Esthetician, Center for Advanced Skin Care, Greenwood Village, CO
I keep on top of current trends in skin care buy reading industry publications, beauty magazines, shopping around the beauty counters of high-end stores, but most importantly, regularly getting facials and listening to my clients.
- Sophia Knapinsky, Lead Esthetician, Back To Basics Skincare, Seattle, WA
I read Skin Inc. magazine and do reasearch online. It is convenient.
- Betty Bonneyy, Owner/Esthetician, Peacefull Moments Spa, Pacific, MO
I am constantly reading Skin Inc. Also, I try to keep in touch in forums online and read latest articles published about skin care.
- Tina Gauthier, Owner/Master Esthetician, Skin Care Studio, Springfield, VA
I always attend shows and classes, and learn how to use new products on the skin. I try to learn about the skin and I really enjoy it.
- Farzana Hanif, Educator, Farzana, Houston, TX
I read trade journals, attend trade shows and take manufacturer training.
- Mimi Barre, Owner, International Day Spa, Redlands, CA
It is important to understand what client needs are today. They are more discriminating as to where, why and what they spend their money on. Client surveys help to understand these needs and trends. Why a survey? It emanates right from the source of what they are looking for, and clients are usually the ones on top of the trends as they are very savvy and well-educated due to resources we have not had in the past. I usually look toward the West Coast menus of day spas and medical spas in California as they are usually up on the latest trends. Anti-aging, detoxification and wellness are trends that are here to stay.
- Donna Dodier, Staff Esthetician/Trainer/Educator, Quasar Bio-tech, Boca Raton, FL
It's important to attend trade shows, watch and learn each companies products. Educate yourself on the latest product and technology. I try new products and treatments on myself first. I'm very creative with my treatments. I offer new treatments to my clients . It's like cooking a new dish. I love what I do, so I do it well. I'm grateful to all the educators out there who keep me in business. I practice what I preach. I'm a walking advertisement for my business.
- Kristine Aminian, Owner, Kristine's Signature Treatments, Granada Hills, CA
I keep on top of skin care industry trends by reading trade publications such as Skin Inc. and New Beauty. Additionally, I constantly take classes that not only reiterate concepts/treatments/techniques with which I am familiar, but ones that I need additional training and that are new to me. I pick the brains of coworkers who have been in the industry longer than me and keep a notebook filled with tips and factoids on skin care and ingredients. Also, I try to read a skin-related book every three months. I also ask my clients what topics they would like to know more about and use their responses to guide my training, reading and research.
- Julie Maricich, Esthetician, Ulta , Hanahan, SC
I would have to say that my favorite way of keeping up on trends is to attend spa conferences like the Face and Body in Chicago or the International Congress in Miani Beach. This way, you hear experts in their field talking, you get the latest ideas, network with other professionals in the industry and see all the new products and equipment that the suppliers have to offer. You come back refreshed, bursting with ideas and information and new products, and your clients benefit from this experience. So it is a win-win situation for everyone.
- Diana Bargate, Esthetician, LaSienne Salon and Spa, Jefferson City, MO
I read online skin care magazines and then Google what interests me. I like having reps and contacts with different skin care lines to my spa and visit skin care manufactring companies to learn more about ingredients that give results and the current trends.
- Pam Moore, Owner/Esthetician, Mapleshade Spa, Dallas, TX
I enjoy reading articles and watching videos online to stay current with skin care industry trends. With technology, there is a wealth of information available at our fingertips and, in an ever-growing industry, it's vital to me as a skin therapist to have access to new information. Educating myself is essential to the education of my clients, and a successful approach to their skin's health.
- Heather Robinson , Esthetician, Burke Williams, Long Beach, CA
Keeping up to date by reading peer-reviewed articles in reputable journals. This may ensure information is reliable and safe for the practitioner and his or her client.
- Angela Powell, RN/Esthetician, , Crown Point, IN
I use Skin Inc. to stay current on skin care trends. I learn a lot because Skin Inc. gives its readers a wide variety of information. It makes my week when I get a new issue of Skin Inc!
- Liz Brilmyer, Estethican , Synergy Fitness and Spa, Bridgeville , PA
I search the Internet and subscribe to skin care-oriented businesses that keep up with the trends because they always keep in contact with me via e-mail, phone or by magazine subscriptions. I love a company who continuously offers me new products and up-to-date information. It shows me that they care as much as I do.
- Heather Genschel, Owner, Sunshine Spa Treatments, Old Orchard Beach, ME
I am not particularly interested in trends. My focus in on the science and delivering results to my customers.
- Diana Thompson, member, DianaYvonne Enterprises LLC, Tarpon Springs, FL
Industry magazines and online publications. It is an affordable way to find out what is going on. We receive several copies of our favorites and put them in our employee area so all staff can read. For articles that are really relevant, we post for staff.
- Meghann Lawrence, Chief of Operations, Ummelina, Seattle, WA
My favorite way is to read the Skin Inc. magazine. It is so full of information, I am on an Internet chat with other spa ownera and estheticians. I am on a mailing with some other companies, and they keep me up on the new informantion. But mostly I rely on Skin Inc. I get the most information from the magazine.
- Vicki Bressler, Owner, Merle Norman Cosmetics & Spa, Loves Park, IL
Groups, blogs, teleconferences, online confereneces, newsletters and magazines.
- Zola Nemorin, Owner, Lush, Lawrenceville, GA
My favorite way to keep up with skin care top trends is through beauty magazines. As an acupuncturist, I like to read a more scientific description of a skin care product and this magazine does so.
- Ivelisse DeJongh, Acupuncturist, DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic, Miami, FL
Reading research articles, technical reports, industry journals and listening to podcasts, as well as watching videos and news updates online. This is the easiest way of keeping abreast of all the products, market trends and news within industry. It also saves the trouble of traveling and the expense of time, as it provides extreme convenience, and free and unlimited access from the comfort of your own home or office.
- Camille Artuz, Development Chemist, Natural Beauty Care, Melbourne, Victoria
I love to attend industry meetings. Not only do I get the excitement of getting out of the daily workplace and into an exotic (usually) new place, but I can get assaulted by all senses, including smell, touch, sight, hearing and sometimes even taste! Samples are a big plus. Vendors and speakers are all on fire with their passion for their work and this causes a contact high for me. I can hear the latest updates and meet trendsetters and sometimes I find that I'm one myself. But the absolute best is getting to meet other people serious about their work and network with them.
- Marguerite Barnett, MD, Mandala Med-Spa, Sarasota, FL
Read magazines, watch videos and go to shows.
- Kristy Floyd, Owner, Kit's, Athens, GA
I think the best way to keep up to date is to read as many skin care magazines and blogs as possible. Listening to your clients is the other way I get important information on what is trending. It gives me the opportunity to go look for answers.
- Laura Williams, Owner, Calm Moments Spa, Ludlow, VT
There are several valuable ways that I keep on top of trends in the skin care industry: trade shows, webinars, advanced training courses and networking both via the web and face to face. However, my favorite way to stay in the know is by taking a seat after a long day to relax and read trade magazines in the health, beauty, spa and cosmetics industries. Not only do the magazines provide informative reading on the latest trends, but typically they have dedicated sections in the magazine that highlight, introduce and showcase what's up and coming. It's a triple whammy for me as it's an enjoyable, relaxing, and a great way to stay abreast of industry trends.
- Kathleen Bagatelos, Owner/Esthetician, Ooh La La, Livermore, CA
The best way for me is to read everything I get my hands on as far as treatments, also searching the web for treatments at other spas and medical spas. Listening to the needs of patients and clients, and then trying to accomodate those needs.
- Tatjana Dzamov, Medical Esthetician, Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery , Columbus, OH
I will graduate esthetics school in a few short months, and I learn about top trends in the skin care industry through Skin Inc and your very informative user-friendly website. Allured Business Media has become on of my study guides as I advance through school and will be a continued "add-on" to my sources of continuing education and stay ahead with the current trends in the skin care industry.
- Katherine Lakes, Student, Cosmetology & Spa Institute-Schaumburg, IL, Schaumuburg, IL
As a student practitioner at Steiner Institute of Esthetics, I like to stay on top of my game with schooling, using, research and study. I will also have to say to stay on top of trends is continuing your education, which I plan and will do once I graduate and become licensed. If I had the money to do so right now, I would do the Physiology of the Skin course at and take other classes. Right now, I have to focus on school and finding a job once I am out since right now I have no time for a job. Thank you Skin Inc. for all the wonderful information that has been provided here.
- April Snyder, Student Practioner , Steiner Institute of Esthetics, Phoenix, AZ
Webinars are usually less than 30 minutes--short enough to find the time for, you don't have to pay for hotel, food or the missed time at work.
- Saundra Culbertson, Owner, Skin Care and Body Therapy by Saundra K, Bakersfield, CA
I believe that as a profession, we owe it to our clients to keep them informed in the latest and best trends. Researching and reading the top skin care and ingredients books is good. Reading all the articles possible in Skin Inc. and similar magazines. Attend trade shows and join professional skin care organizations. Join in conversations with other professionals. Keeping the public safe and informed properly is very important me.
- Maria Mungo, Esthetician, Bella Pelle Wellness Spa, Rochester, MN
For me, at least three things work together. I went to my first Skin Inc expo while still a new esthetician student and stored all that info! After obtaining my license, LinkedIn and ABSCP kept me in touch with online groups, individual estheticians asking their own questions and sharing information. Following through on advice as to products, techniques and general support, I've looked into specific product lines and followed their webinars. I also like to read actual magazines and books, physically having something to hold, circling pertinent phrases and having pictures to show clients. All three work together. Not to mention exchanging all this information with clients, co-workers and others.
- Anne W. Roberts, Massage Therapist, Asante Day Spa/ Evo-spa, Fairfax, CA
My favorite way to keep up with top trends in skin care is reading Skin Inc magazine. There is so much information in the articles and clients love to know the latest.
- Sarah Post, Esthetician, Amato Hair Design, Alsip, IL
My favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry is by reading Skin, Inc. cover to cover. I also network with other professionals and attend available training.
- Lynn Spicer, Owner, Custom Imagery, Pasco, WA
I'm an new esthetics educator and I can use as much help as possible! I want to give the students my best.
- Stephanie Inskeep, Esthetics Educator, Empire Beauty school, Indianapolis, IN
When I have the time, reading Skin Inc. and other publications is a great way to learn tips and techniques, as well as information to share with my clients in person or in my blog. I also have a mentor who is a master esthetician, and who is my go-to-gal for any questions about skin conditions and protocol. I highly recommend that every esthetician find a mentor to help them grow in their skin science techniques and knowledge. It really makes the client appreciate you more when they know you are learning constantly.
- Fern Burg, Owner/Esthetician, Faces by Fern, Valley Village, CA
Get re-educated about the basic skin sciences, practice the latest trends in clinical applications and follow the proposed rules and regulations laid down by the related authorities and government bodies. Help the needy with compassion.
- Sureshkant Patel, Clinical Dermatologist, None for Now, Surprise, AZ
Reading Skin Inc and other informationals, plus feedback from our clients regarding their interests. Also my team's input regarding what they would like to see utilized in spa services.
- Christal Wentzel, Owner, Shape Smart Wellness Spa, Wyomissing, PA
My favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry is by visiting different spas and receiving a service for myself and asking lots of questions. I learn a lot by doing this. I do this on a monthly basis.
- Susan Pretzel, Esthetician, Lake Country Plastic and Hand , Oconomowoc, WI
I like all methods of continuing education from books, magazines, websites and trade shows. If I have to choose one form, it would be webinars. I am more of a visual and hands-on person, and that form of study seems to work for me the best. When I see it, I seem to retain that info much more than reading a book.
- Tiffany Ellsworth, Esthetician, Paparazzi Day Spa, Phoenix, NY
Taking new classes regularly. There is so much about the skin and caring for it that you can't possibly learn it all at one sitting. Besides that, they discover new things all the time regarding the skin.
- Tracy Chalcraft, Esthetician, Water's Edge Salon and Spa, Lexington, MI
Reading Skin Inc. is very educating.
- Michele Giamundo, Esthetician, Skintology By Michele, New York, NY
I look at online spa magazines and learn of new trends that haven't caught on yet. This is because I can become a front runner in my local area of offering it. I also use surveys, and read leisure magazines. Another thing I do is talk to estheticians in other regions to find what their current trends are so I can know where my area lies.
- Soynia Cosby, Esthetician, Nude Beauty, Tulare, CA
Of course, my favorite way to keep abreast of trends in skin care is Skin Inc.! Each issue is full of interesting, beautifully presented articles that are very timely and informative, useable and pertinent. I don't think I've ever received an issue that didn't contain something I wanted to try, a product I wanted to find out more about, or a subject I wanted to pursue. Thanks for such a wonderful tool!
- Renee Parnell, Owner/Esthetician, Me Time Salon & Day Spa, Cleveland, TN
I learn a lot about the skin care industry from Skin Inc. I often print and share the articles with my staff and include new info in my monthly e-newsletter to my clients. I also visit various spas in my area to have a facial to get new ideas and techniques.
- Renee Hitt, Owner, Hitt Studios Inc, d/b/a Merle Norman Cosmetics andSalon, Brookfield, WI
My ultimate choice would be attending trade shows and hands-on classes due to the face-to-face interaction with others in the industry and the stimulation from being around others who are as engaged about what we offer and provide for others. In these economic times, this option is not always cost-effective. A good alternative is the online boards; they are an incredible way to make inquiries and receive feedback from other experts in the industry. You might come across an inquiry you never thought of. Webinars are another cost-effective way to gain knowledge.
- Brenda Griffin, Owner/Operator, Faces Plus, Tucson, AZ
Shows and magazines.
- Loreta Paskeviciute, Esthetician, Bliss, Boca Raton, FL
By reading magazines and actively working in the skin care industry.
- lakiesha Young, Skin Care Specialist, GoClear LLC, Antioch, CA
Of course, I love reading magazines, especially the Skin Inc magazine we receive at our spa. I also enjoy going to conferences and additional training when I can. I attended the Face and Body Conference in Chicago the first weekend of March and am truly excited! It will be my first conference I am attending. I want to be able to stay on top of current trends and provide my clients with the best and latest techniques and technologies out there. Also, I enjoy learning any product knowledge ... I know I can't know every product out there, but knowing the main ingredients that can improve skin is key! Anyway to learn how to preserve and make our skin better is a great learning opportunity!
- Diana Zellner, Esthetician, Elite Aesthetics and Micro Spa, Green Bay, WI
Reading Skin Inc. magazine and other trade magazines. It is also important to talk with others in the industry. There could be a better way of accomplishing what you set out to do. If you are out of a particular product, it is good to have an alternate product.
- Helen De Pasquale, Owner, Natures Healing, Menomonee Falls, WI
I read a lot of spa magazines and Suzi Ellis's blog. I also like to go to some of the plastic surgery events to see what new and innovative products and treatments they are offering. Also, and very important, I listen to my clients. If I've not heard of a product or treatment, I look it up on the Internet and/or speak with the representative of that product. I also am blessed to have amazing estheticians working for us. They are constantly hearing about new products and treatments and convey them to me. I jump right on the research bandwagon!
- Jane Aransky, Owner/Esthetician, La Residencia Spa, Newton, MA
First thing, I read every word on every page of of Skin Inc. If it is in print in the Skin Inc., then it must be so! Second, I subscribe to Happi. An industry magazine that shows the latest in skin care ingredients and the companies who have the most recent skin care developments Third, I visit the websites of randomly chosen skin care companies and spas ... always check for what is going on in other states and even countries. Fourth, maintain good relationships with other skin care professionals. Most of the confident professionals like to share with others
- Brenda Gilbert, Owner/Esthetician, B*G*MAKEOVERS Advanced Skin Care, Raymond, NH
As a cosmetologist/educator/esthetics/assistant to a prominent plastic surgeon, it is necessary to keep up with all the new technology and products. I feel this is the most important part of my jobs. I research on the Internet and read all the newest, latest and greatest. I feel it's important to also hear the good with the bad. I love input from others, what works for them, and gadgets and products that have caused problems. This is where Skin Inc. magazine is very helpful, keeping me up to date and well informed.
- PJ Teske, Esthetics Director, Optimal Perfection Clinical Skin Care Center, Mentor, OH
I am very new to the industry, so I like to listen to my clients and research their areas of concern. I also love to read articles in Skin Inc.
- Autumn Masi, Esthetician, Burke Williams, Los Angeles, CA
Trade magazines and conferences are the best way for me to keep on top of trends.
- Lisa Bucci, Esthetician, Brinton Lake Dermatology, Glen Mills`, PA
Using online information from sources like Skin Inc. and Dermascope. It's quick and you can find in-depth information.
- Gail Stewart, Facial Specialist, Self-employed, Port St Lucie, FL
I love to get my new Skin Inc magazine. You share so much information. I find information about new skin treatments , new products and the great products available already. You share education seminars and tell us about DVDs we can get to further our education. I visit websites to check on what is new and trending now. I look for information in skin care science. I read spa owner's input as to what is working well for them and what has not. I take classes as often as I can to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry. Staying current with skin care trends will help you to have one of the top spas in the world.
- Heidi Strong, Owner/Manager, Nature's Serenity Beauty Spa, West Springfield, MA
Reading, reading and more reading! Skin care expos are helpful, too!
- Barbara Wicklund, Owner, Cleopatras Esthetics, Rockford, IL
Talking with others in the esthetics industry, reading every industry publication possible and frankly, watching trends in magazines like Vogue and Allure.
- Jennifer DerHovhannessian, Master Esthetician, American Laser Skincare, Ashland, VA
My favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry is to listen to what my friends, family and clients talk about in their every day life. I feel that if I listen to what people are excited about and what they want the most, I can research those products or treatments and find out what is the best.
- Sydney Riley, Esthetician, Spa Tech Institute, Pembroke, MA
My favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry is by taking hands-on CEU classes. I like the interaction and meeting other estheticians ... I learn more this way.
- Amanda Ruccio , Esthetician, Ntouch Wellness Center, Brandenburg, KY
My favorite way to keep up with trends is by attending continuing education courses. Not only do I learn the newest peels, techniques and products, but I also get to network with other estheticians and find out what they are doing and what they have learned.
- Crissy Niezwaag, Instructor, Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics, Tempe, AZ
I read everything I can get my hands on! I subscribe to a few dermatologist's websites, I participate in online skin care forums, and I read a lot of trade magazines.
- Laura Anderson, Esthetician, Just For Me Spa, Hudson, WI
My favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry is to talk to my clients about what products/treatments they're interested in and why. They are the faces of skin care. The clients are the ones who browse the department stores in search of the newest and best products. Everyone wants in on the latest beauty secrets, and the clients laying oin the treatment bed hold they key!
- Emily White, Esthetician, Renaissance Club Sport, Alamo, CA
To keep on top of the current trends in skin care, I attend as many local conventions as well as the full-day product seminars from the lines I am interested in or want to learn more about. I also have a good support system of friends in the business, and we share information. There is no competition between us as we all work in different cities. And, of course, I have an online subscription to Skin Inc. that I find is a great source for cutting edge and innovative skin care information.
- Cathye Solliday, Esthetician, Skin Care by Cathye, Santa Ana, CA
My favorite way to keep myself aware of the top trends in skin care has to be skin care publications via the web. I find web magazines extremely useful, and I tend to read more indepth on the subjects presented due in part to the striking headlines. I feel I have learned so much more just by reading because the content seems to be so much more clear.
- Norma "Nora" Holloway, Esthetician, About Faces Day Spa and Salon, Towson, MD
I love to watch YouTube videos! I watch product reviews, demonstrations of various techniques and new technologies. There is such a wide variety... young beauty gurus who discuss cosmetics, older dermatologists discussing anti-aging and everything in between. It's both educational and entertaining. And I can do it anywhere, from my phone or my Kindle or my home desktop.
- Saasha Plefka, Medical Esthetician, Medspa 1064, South Windsor, CT
I love to follow industry trends via Twitter. Skin care professionals and companies tweet what they are doing right now. I feel like I have the inside scoop on what's happening. I always thought tweeting was silly, but since I started on Twitter, I regularly read articles and blogs from my favorite sources in the industry.
- Kelly Vavrek, Esthetician, J. Bentley Studio & Spa, Gahanna, OH
I stay on top going the scientific route. Claims of being the best or famous people endorsing products doesn't mean a product has true cosmetic chemistry beneficial to the health of the skin. It's important as an esthetician to have the knowledge to see beyond the hype and be able to link cosmetic chemistry to structure and function of the skin as related to skin conditions. I don't follow trends; I follow proven science.
- Robbie Penney, Owner/Esthetician, Essence of You, Bakersfield, CA
I love going to classes, because while I love subscribing to e-mailed newsletters and getting magazines, I don't always carve out the time to sit and read them! I have a stack ... and it keeps piling up! At least when I sign up for a class, I make a (financial) commitment and I'm scheduling time out for it, no excuses!
- Michele O'Donnell, Esthetician, Avenue Apothecary & Spa, Lewes, DE
I would say different websites, such as YouTube, Web MD and healthy because they all give skin care tips and videos to show you how to help clients with different skin disorders, and are easily accessible.
- Kari Bell, Esthetician, Tennova Health and Fitness Center, Corryton, TN
I find Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are a great way to keep up to date. You can follow all the different skin care lines out there ( even ones you don't use) and see what their lastest product trends are. That way, when clients ask, you will have seen all the latest trends in skin care.
- Nicole Mehlenbacher, Spa Lead, Sterling Spa, For Eire, Ontario
I love Web cam courses! I am able to do them monthly and without travel time or missing any work.
- Kim Schuh, Owner/Operator, Top Ta Bottom Spa, Bismarck, ND
I always check Skin Inc.; I talk to other skin care therapists to share information; and I attend those business meetings, parties and product knowledge classes. It is very important for me to keep up with new information and trends so I can provide safe, informational treatment for clients.
- Midori Maeda, Esthetician, Sphatika, Bayside, NY
I have the luxury of working with many dermatologists and plastic surgeons representing the skin care line I work for during my day job, so I often discuss any of the new press I see on ingredients with them to get their opinions. I also have access to our chemist, and read a lot of the trades. I feel the best way is to do your own research, then have a network of professionals to compare their personal findings and results. LinkedIn can be a great way to do that if you personally don't know professionals who would have access to new technologies.
- Carleen McIlveen, Owner/SkinTherapist/Makeup Artist, Imagine by Carleen, North Branford, CT
Constantly researching and reading! That is the only way to stay on top of all the trends, whether they are good or bad, work or don't work. Do your homework!
- Karla Tucker, Owner/Managing Esthetician, Chrysalis Skin Spa, Columbia Station, OH
Education, education, education! I ask questions of my reps, surf the net and read skin care magazine articles as often as possible.
- Tamala Mason, Owner/Esthetician, Sozo Skin Care Studio, Plano, TX
Reading magazines, asking questions and researching online magazines.
- Charolette Adams, Esthetician, Merle Norman Studio and Spa, Willis, TX
Continually doing research on the newest discoveries in skin care. I read medical and skin care magazines daily. I educate my clients as I learn. Knowledge is the key to better understanding and, for each treatment I do, clients are kept abreast of every step. I am told by my clients how much they appreciate me and their beautiful skin. I am trusted, and clients understand the importance of home skin care in conjunction with treatments.
- Cindy Self, Owner/Esthetician, Fresno Esthetic Center, Fresno, CA
I find the Skin Inc. E-Newsletter to be one of the best out there ... I get info on just about anything to do with skin and skin care business.
- Hala Anderson, Manager, Avon, Mississauga, ON
Skin Inc. magazine, of course. Also, doing diligent research constantly to keep up with new discoveries and ideas.
- Linda Ferguson, Esthetician, Dandy Looks, Inc., Dover, PA
Education, education, education!! I am constantly attending classes, joining webinars, reading magazines and listening to my clients. By listening to my clients, I hear what their concerns are, what treatments they have heard about and what they want from me. In turn, I do everything possible to educate myself on new ideas, products and services. Happy clients means a happy life for me!
- Renee Knipp, Owner, Simply You Skincare Studio, Milton, WI
My favorite way is read as many magazine articles featuring skin care trends and trying them out on my sister. She is always willing to help me further my education.
- Nicole Franks, Esthetician, Avon, Kirkwood, MO
My favorite ways to keep up on trends in the skin care industry is to attend advanced education classes, workshops, events and read the top skin care magazines. Whether I change a treatment or add a treatment or not based on the latest trends, at least I know about them so I can talk about them when necessary or when asked.
- Tonya Fanning, Medical Esthetician, Ageless Zone Medical Spa & Salon, Reno, NV
I like to network with other skin care and spa professionals, and visit as many derm offices as possible. I also like to read as many publications as possible.
- Julie Barnum, General Manager, Score Spa, La Grange, IL
Education!! Education will give you more confidence in yourself and with your clients. By getting more education, you will have more creditability with your clients. As you learn more about a treatment or product and how it works, you become more confident in what you are talking about. Clients know when you are confident, and they know when you are not sure about something. Remember, if a client ask you a question and you don't know the answer, it is OK to tell them, "I don't know but I will find out and get back to you." Find out the answer to their question and get back to them with that answer. Then ask yourself, "If I had more education under my belt, would I have been able to answer their question right away?" Thats why education is so important. One more thing to remember: The more education you have, the more money you can charge for your treatments. Any time you can get free education, jump at the chance.
- Charlene Keefe, Owner/Esthetician, Skin By Char, Huntington Beach, CA
As a European-trained esthetician, I have a great background in skin care. I do have an advantage of 36 years of experience in Europe and the United States. I love my work, but what keeps me going and growing from one person, Elizabeth Adam Skin Care Clinic Inc., to Elizabeth Adam Salon and Day Spa with 40 employees is studying and learning new things. I believe that when you reach the point of “I know it all” you stop learning and you take a huge step back. E-mail and printed skin care magazines are among my favorite and most accessible sources of new trends in the skin industry. I love to browse the Internet and find what others are doing on the other side of the planet. Local shows like the Face and Body Spa Conference and Expo in Chicago are very convenient to attend. I have never missed a year. America's Beauty Show is yet another local yearly event I always attend. At the shows, I always take classes and learn new facials or body treatments and nutrition, and I get acquainted with the latest equipment. Local events are convenient and economical, but to be able to introduce new treatments to my city or state and to be a trendsetter, I take a step further. I attend shows in Europe: the cradle of the skin care industry. I participate in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques in Paris; Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy; and the International Makeup Contest in Prague, Czech Republic. My major suppliers of skin care Sothy’s de Paris and Klapp from Germany train me in the newest facials and massages. I have learned many facial massage techniques, and I am always open for new ones. It never ceases to amaze me how creative this art is.
- Elizabeth Adam, President, Elizabeth Adam Salon and Day Spa, Chicago, IL
I take advantage of education not only in skin care, but also to check out trends and see our competion in magazines and TV , and go deeper into skin care education at skin care shows.
- Frank Landon, Owner, The Chicago Look, Chicago, IL
I never stop seeking out what is going on out there through the usual outlets, such as Internet and trade publications. However, my favorite way is when I travel. I peruse local magazines for articles and ads for local businesses and check out all the beauty businesses I encounter as I'm enjoying my day. I take brochures, check out products, I may even jot down some notes so that when I return home I can look it all up on the Internet. I've found new products, new conferences and new techniques from my investigative travels. My clients like to know where I discover these things and love knowing that I'm always searching for new ways to stay healthy and well.
- Shannon Meder, Owner, ShanMarie, Stockton, CA
Skin Inc. magazine is one of the most important resources that I depend on to keep me in the know ... I am not just saying this; I really mean it. I also think the Face and Body Northern California show gives me an opportunity to see, touch and feel products and see demonstrations of state-of-the-art machines and handheld gadgets to use as add-ons in my spa menu.
- Doretta Brown, Esthetician, Pamper Me Please, Castro Valley, CA
First of all, I read my Skin Inc. magazine from cover to cover! I also browse women's magazines to see what the trends are, and try to see what new products or services are being offered. I research all of my suppliers online, browse the web for new products and try to zoom in on a couple and fit them into a monthly special. Coming into the spring season, I will focus on a peel and use it as the main event instead of an add-on.
- Margaret Rocheleau, Owner, Fancy Schmancy, Waterloo, Ontario
I have several ways that are all my favorites. Education is key, so I attend worshops, lectures, continuing education classes and online forums, such as SalonGeek, which allows me to blog about skin care and pick the brains of other professionals. I love reading articles focused on specific topics in skin care magazine, which intrigue me to follow up with further research. Every year in March, I make an effort to attend the International Beauty Show in New York, and I fill my entire day with classes and workshops about new products, techniques and the latest trends available so that if a client inquires, I have some first-hand knowledge that will allow me to give honest and accurate feedback or suggestions that will benefit them to the fullest! More locally, I am currently developing a networking group for local professional to meet monthly that will allow us to share experiences, classes taken, workshops attended, various issues that have occurred in our businesses and other great topics so that we can support each other and learn from each other's experiences. I am also developing an natural skin care class for my local adult education facility to help educate interested parties about the importance of skin care and products or treatments that support skin care. I am a teacher at heart and very passionate about my profession so, ultimately, my favorite way to keep on top of trends in the skin care industry is educate myself, educate clients and educate my community.
- Charisse Muriel, Owner/Holistic Beauty/Body Practitioner, Naturally Balanced, Ellington, CT
I like to keep up with the trends by reading skin care magazines and taking continuing education classes.
- Alanna Turner, Esthetician, Alanna's Skin and Wellness Center, Greenwood Village, CO
I keep up with continuing education at shows and seminars. I love going to shows ... it keeps me motivated and excited ,bringing something new back for my clients.
- Vera Shaw, Esthetician, Lamia & Lamia, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
The the most important thing is listening to my clients and their needs, and attending as many trade shows as possible. Not to mention subscribing to Skin Inc. and other magazines that relate to my craft.
- Letoya Williams, Owner/Makeup Artist, Trubeauty Anti Age Skincare , Pembrook Pines, Fl
I have several avenues of information: Skin Inc., the periodical from Associate Skin Care Professionals and style magazines for fashion trends. I also attend seminars when they are available and affordable.
- Warreen Phillips-Ippolito, Owner, Arom Fleur Skin Care, Elgin, IL
I maintain a close professional relationship with one of our premier local dermatologists, subscribe to and read the top professional trade magazines, enroll in four-to-six workshops per year and most importantly, listen to what my clients have to say. Often I find that a question from one of my clients will prompt me to research the answer. It keeps me engaged, and my client feels well cared for.
- Christine Danse, Licensed Esthetician, Diva Day Spa, San Simeon, CA
I read up on healthy eating, skin care habits and exercise, I follow a low-GI diet by a health coach, which improves skin, hair, nails and energy. What you eat goes along with good skin care by a professional esthetican and professional advice for home care. I have seen tremendous results on myself and others.
- Donna Spielman, Independent, DKS, Merrick, NY
I prefer to obtain my information through online networking via esthetician message boards. I feel that this is a great way to get feedback from other professionals who are always eager to share as well as learn.
- Michelle Fournier, Esthetician/Owner, Face First, Inc., Fuquay-Varina, NC
My favorite way to keep on top of trends is to continually educate myself by reading skin care publications on a monthly basis. I am also on the web searching and studying not only brands, but also techniques for addressing skin care problems such as VPL, microdermabrasion and body treatment. My clients in this day and time are very knowledgeable, so I feel the need to be on top of my game. I also take hands-on classes on a yearly basis, which also include makeup education and techniques. I believe I can always learn something new to improve the quality of care I give my clients in the medical spa.
- Darla Lordemann, Esthetics/Makeup consultant/VPL specialist, Piedmont Health Group/Radiant Aesthetics, Greenwood, SC
By keeping the lines of communication open between fellow estheticians who share my passion for the industry, I am better able to keep abreast of what trends we are all experiencing. I exchange information with other estheticians at classes, seminars and trade shows. By staying in touch via e-mail, we encourage each other and share the common philosophy that we are in this amazing industry to improve the quality of life for our patients/clients.
- Pamela Dreyer, Owner/Operator, Aesthetically Speaking, Longview, WA
I read industry and fashion periodicals to keep up with trends. In my business I try to keep things more natural, so I keep up with the latest health and nutritional research to help my clients stay informed.
- Lisa Coolidge, Owner, Take Care, Atlanta, GA
My mother, who is also an esthetician and is still practicing esthetics at the young age of 75, once told me, "Getting your esthetics license is like getting your driver's license. Just getting it doesn't makes you a good esthetician. You must continually learn." It wasn't long before I realized how right she was. Skin Inc. magazine, along with other magazines, seminars, webinars, books and skin care groups via LinkedIn, have all been instrumental in keeping me updated and on top of trends in the skin care industry. This is an exciting, ever-changing profession that provides ample opportunities for growth, by expanding our core knowledge and skills through the vast array of resources that are available to us.
- Donna Morley, Owner/Esthetician, Eternal Beauty Skincare, Broomfield, CO
Visiting websites like this one, and reading magazines such as Skin Inc. I like to talk to other professionals in the industry and always try new products. It is very important to me to stay up on the latest trends and new treatments, and it's constantly evolving.
- Erin Torrent, Student, Keiser Career College, Jacksonville, FL
To keep on top of trends, my go-to resource is Skin Inc. I also attend trade shows, seminars and classes with certifications. I scour YouTube for videos and research different skin care lines on the web.
- Candle Speed, Proprietor, Skin Care By Candle, Temecula, CA